Who wants to wave a Taxi on the street, pay attention to the bright yellow sign on the roof of the vehicle. This indicates that the Taxi is free, so to. As soon as the light goes out, the Taxi from another passenger occupied or the taxi driver is not currently in service.

the silent Alarm in the Taxi

but There is another, very important note on the sign: to the Right and to the left of the lettering “Taxi” lights on sometimes the three red dots. If you watch this once, you should call immediately the police. It is, in fact, a silent Alarm and the taxi driver could be in serious trouble.

The Thomas Grätz, managing Director of the German Taxi – and rental car Association, compared to the Portal Express. “You should then immediately call the police. If a driver is in a dicey Situation, it is often better if the attacker of the Alarm not knowing nothing, to provoke him.”

the silent Alarm is to see only the outside, there is the risk that the attacker can’t see from the Inside of the Taxis, the silent Alarm in a shop window. However, a silent Alarm from the German taxi is recommended to the Association.

a Loud Alarm at the Taxi: the Law

a duty is, however, a loud Alarm on Taxis. “The driver of the loud Alarm, a loud honking in intervals and the headlights and the rear turn signals light up,” says Grätz. Then, however, it is usually really an emergency because the taxi driver does not know how to help otherwise.

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