Honored military pilot evaluated the first export contract for Mi-38T

Photo: TASS/Marina Lystseva

Rosoboronexport signed the first export contract for the supply abroad of multi-purpose Mi-38T. The air tool has a number of competitive advantages, as reported by the honored military pilot of Russia Vladimir Popov radio Sputnik.

“What our helicopters are different from their foreign counterparts, so that the ratio price – quality. We must understand that today it really is a competitive advantage,” – said the expert.

According to Popov, the service’s newest helicopter will be especially simple and convenient in those countries, where previously used Russian and Soviet Mi-8, Mi-2, Mi-26, Mi-24. This thesis is due to a similar ground infrastructure and flight technology flight training and employees.

the Mi-38T assembled entirely of domestic high-tech components. Air tool is suitable for day and night use, can withstand up to 5 tons of cargo. Currently it is unknown what country of Russia agreed to supply, however, it is reported that the Russian side handles several applications.

Russian President Vladimir Putin first inspected the new helicopter Mi-38T in may 2019, during his working trip to Tatarstan. The aircraft was submitted to the President at the Kazan aviation plant named after Gorbunov.

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