a hint occurs in a casual chat round. Horst Seehofer sits at the “Sunday get-together” in the Bavarian television, and on this question he has been waiting for, of course. “So,” he says, and get on with it. That he wants to be liked. He wants his party to become the sole scapegoat for the state election broke.

Not again, as after the parliamentary election last year. “Once again, I’m not doing the clip around the ears tree for my party – rather, I put my office as the Chairman of the party,” says the 69-Year-old. Later, he added, clear, one could not Express so well.

it is Clear, however, is in order for the CSU still nothing: Throw Seehofer, for real this time, and steps down as party leader and Federal Minister of the interior? Well all remember that memorable night worthy in the summer, as Seehofer announced his resignation – and in the end, however, was not. Or Seehofer, with the intimation that should sound like a threat, trying to not let the Driven?

the fact is: Since the crash, to just 37.2 percent, and the loss of absolute majority in the Parliament, the CSU is in a bright uproar. Although the old and also new Prime Minister, Markus Söder, and tried to apply the brakes. For him, the current coalition negotiations with the liberal voters and his re-election in the Parliament as a priority. Since the days also the official line of the entire party leadership.

But it is also a fact that Seehofer is a thing of the Driven. In Board meetings, and County and district associations of anger breaks over the 69-Year-old railway. Campaigner rant, Seehofer got rained on your parade in the state election, with his asylum-course, his quarrels with the Chancellor, his resignation from the resignation, the case Maaßen.

“father of all problems” has become almost a household word. In unison, members of the management Board report is that of the clear claim, a clear expectation that there will be a special Congress with elections that Seehofer had to withdraw. The Schwaben-CSU explicitly requires a decision on the future of the “establishment”, others hold back just because of the current government.

“In the volcano, the Lava bubbling quite violently”

And not only that: Even a majority of the CSU Bundestag deputies has already broken away from Seehofer. The had become in a memorable session on Tuesday trusted abundantly clear that reports of the participants. Seehofer had to go. “It’s no longer a question of If but only of when and How,” says a country member of the group. Moreover, the CSU honorary Chairman Theo Waigel has, meanwhile, demanded consequences, “in terms of content, strategically and in terms of personnel”.

“In the volcanic bubbling of the Lava big time,” summarizes a member of the CSU Board of the debate in his party. “The only question is when he explodes.” Someone else from the party leadership says: “as soon As Söder, is sworn in in the Parliament and has spoken So true help me God’, there will be no more.”

However, things are not so simple. Seehofer is elected until the end of 2019, and formally-legally, there seems to be no way to deselect it. But the party hopes that it is not to the Extreme that Seehofer has a View. The great hope is that the 69-Year-old, according to Söders election in the Landtag, declared his resignation. “I hope it is – for him,” says a CSU-member of the Board.

But just Seehofer does not give up, he does also on Sunday in the Bavarian television. “Well, this is a simple business: If one can show to another, you do not need to deal with themselves,” grumbles he. However, neither in the General election at the state election he had stood for election. He had been in any single election broadcast, on any election poster.

Söders’s re-election in the Landtag, however, as good as secure. And not only that. Seehofer should make the way actually, would have Söder probably the best chances to be new Chairman of the party – if he wants to. Country group leader Alexander Dobrindt is considered to be out of the game. And so this question is likely to be between two men to decide: Söder and the EPP Leader in the European Parliament, Manfred Weber, the well known, like the new EU-wants to be President of the Commission.

Söder emphasized in the past months that, for him, the Prime Minister’s office have priority. Whether this will change something, when it come to the Hesse election to Federal political eruptions and the CSU should be in the Federal government’s plan to entirely new problems?

According to accounts from various CSU districts, a majority would currently be rather Söder – both top-of-the offices were again in one Hand. Other groups in the party argue, but also, with Weber as a party leader, you could not make up for only at the European elections in the coming year to regain ground, but a double-top Söder/Weber could also cover the CSU in its greatest possible width. For example, the difference says it at the end of the Landtag President Barbara Stamm. The clear expectation in the CSU is that Söder and Weber, if Seehofer’s actually deny. But still it is not so far.


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