Sometimes the underwater world is full of Surprises: As a researcher in the deep-sea filmed from the Antarctic and a curious sea cucumber. The “headless chicken monster” (headless chicken monster) called type Enypiastes eximia was previously first filmed once in the Gulf of Mexico, such as the Australian Antarctic Division (AAC) reported.

The organization researched for the Australian Ministry of the environment of the Antarctic office environment. The barrel-shaped sea cucumber is depending on the old delicate pink to reddish brown. It is up to 25 centimeters in length and inhabits Depths between 300 and 6000 meters.

“The southern ocean contains an incredible diversity of marine organisms, including many commercially sought-after species, their removal must be handled with a view to future generations carefully,” said the Australian Commissioner for the Commission for the conservation of Antarctic marine living (CCAMLR), Gillian Slocum.

The data were collected with special cameras, will be presented at a conference, which begins on Monday in Hobart.


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