you Will also to the Monk, when it comes to germs in public transport? It was this forced eurotic TV-Detective with a fear of bacteria, viruses and the like.

Fittingly, he also had to find time Donald Trump in the series, a guest appearance that has been referred to recently as a “germaphobe” and shake hands without subsequent disinfection “barbaric”. Germ phobia sufferers among themselves, so to speak.

On air travel, one can understand the. There is nothing worse for hygiene fanatics as overcrowded Airports and planes. Where many people touch something, there’s also a lot of germs.

And when it’s running stupid, are the places where you have to spend many hours of waiting close to each other. And enough time has to viruses and bacteria to exchange like a pack of dogs its fleas.

From the airport, the germs get on Board

However, five minutes in the crowded subway or 20 minutes on the Bus is comparatively harmless. A swipe of the hand disinfection cloth: is forearmed.

But airports? It starts with the touch screens of the ticket machines, where every fingers around. Sticky hand roll runs tracks. Buttons on lifts and water dispensers. Door handles. The counters of the pass switch.

Straight-identified researchers, the most contaminated place shells on the example of Helsinki airport: the plastic in which it is stowed at the security check of hand Luggage and personal stuff. Every second of them was dirty with cold viruses.

And far and wide not a single hand sanitizer dispenser in sight! Neither, in most airports (except in some Lounges) when Boarding. Why? The germs come with on Board.

the microbiologists found particularly many on the fold-out table in the plane. Others sit on Spülknöpfen the toilets, buckle the seat belts, the toilet-door lock and the mortise pockets on the front seat.

What can help? Cleaning cloths maybe, or a disinfectant spray. At best, according to the world health organization advised, suitable for handwashing day on 15. October: At every opportunity, hands with soap scrubbing. 20 seconds. Even if travelling you, then maybe for a Monk.


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