How did Stalin in the first place

History 28/02/20 How did Stalin in the first place

Young Joseph Dzhugashvili had worked as an evaluator-observer at the geophysical Observatory in Tiflis.

a seminarian Dropout

In 1894 the young Soso graduated from the Gori Orthodox religious school and enrolled in Tiflis theological Seminary. It was there that he first became acquainted with Marxism and became interested in underground revolutionary activities.

Despite the fact that, according to historians (in particular, the English Explorer Simon Sebag-Montefiore), Stalin was an extremely gifted student and received high marks in almost all subjects, the fifth year of his training, was an order of exclusion from the Seminary with the words “for failing to appear for the exams for an unknown reason”.

Although it is possible that the real reason for the exception was the revolutionary activities Dzhugashvili, he led Marxist propaganda among the seminarians. He was given a certificate of completion of four courses of a higher educational institution, which gave the right to teach in elementary public schools.

Revolutionary weatherman

some time the future leader gave lessons and earn a living. At the end of 1899 he found his first permanent job at the Tiflis geophysical Observatory, established in 1861.

the responsibilities of the 20-year-old Soso included hourly bypass all measuring instruments. In addition, he had to write down in a special notebook observations of temperature, clouds, wind, and pressure. While the pay of the future leader at the time was quite decent – 20 rubles a month. To go on duty was required every day: only Stalin worked 98 shifts. He lived there to the Observatory.

the Young man quickly established himself, so he was even instructed to monitor the work of colleagues. Preserved memories of the notm one of the employees dated, however, already 1938, when Stalin was in power: “Always be modest, neat in visits at the service and punctual in work. That impression remained with me of comrade Dzhugashvili, worked with me in the same room at the Observatory since the end of 1899 until almost the end of 1900”.

the work at the Observatory was not too much time, so Koba (this was a “party” nickname Stalin) continued to participate in Marxist circles, have been organizing rallies and strikes. Sometimes it’s right in the workplace conducted revolutionary Assembly.

March 21, 1901, the Observatory was raided by police with a search warrant, but Kobe managed to escape. Then he retired and went into hiding, becoming a professional revolutionary, and receiving living expenses from the party Fund.

a rewarding experience

apparently, the experience of working as a meteorologist in the future useful to Stalin. It was during the great Patriotic war gave us an idea to throw into the enemy rear automatic weather balloons. The obtained information about the weather conditions helped to adjust air operations.

by the Way, today during a tour in Tbilisi magnetic-meteorological Observatory you will be proud to show me the room and the table where Stalin was working. On the wall – a portrait of the little known artist of the 50-ies of the last century, depicting the young Dzhugashvili metapribor.

Irina Shlionskaya

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