cutting boards to withstand quite a lot: they are not intended to withstand sharp knives, in the ideal case of discolor, no undesirable smell and germ-free as possible remain. The least well know, that cutting boards are the ideal breeding do can be place for sick germs. The a swear, therefore, on plastic boards, the other on wood. How to get germs in or on the Board? This can have various reasons.

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The greatest mistake you can commit is Board raw meat on a Wood cutting. The meat carries bacteria that can cause food poisoning. Poultry meat, for example, often contains so-called Campylobacter. These are rod-shaped bacteria that can result in a low number to a food infection. They cut the meat on the Board and clean afterwards without it vegetables for a salad, they can spread the Campylobacter easily. There may be fever, Nausea, and diarrhea threaten.

grooves in cutting boards the perfect place for bacteria

another Problem: cutting boards wear out with time. If you are cutting food with a sharp blade, slit the tiny grooves in the wood or in the plastic. Therefore, you should change your cutting boards from time to time and, where appropriate, dispose of, if you were already frequently in use.

The columns in the interface are a good place for bacteria, cleaning is so quick to be an impossibility. Pathogens such as E. coli, Salmonella and other germs that can increase the risk of food poisoning involve.

there are a couple of Tricks on how to get your Board free of germs. You could insert it for example in bleach. The Board cleans much better than a sponge and soap. Or you can place the cutting Board in the microwave. Because heat kills bacteria. How exactly, you can see here.

Whether it now uses to be made of wood or plastic, remains a matter of taste. Planks of wood are not less hygienic than plastic boards. Studies show that certain kinds of wood anti-microbial properties. This means that bacteria are killed by the ingredients in the wood and does not lead to a food poisoning can. As the largest germ-killer by the Federal Biological Institute in Brunswick, turns out to be in studies of the pine wood. Larch and oak, but almost just as strong. Plastic, however, cannot score points with this property.

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