Anyone can cook, the repeated Tim Mälzer for years like a Mantra in his cooking shows. It is actually only on the enthusiasm, the interest and the passion that goes to the stove. And certain Tricks of the trade that you must learn in order to become a good cook. For example, you should know how you can sharpen in case of an emergency a knife, if you do not have a grinder at home. You only need one thing: a ceramic plate.

you do not have a meat thermometer, you want to determine the degree of doneness of your Steaks? No Problem, use bales for your hand. How to make that work, learn in the fifth image.

for More Tricks to become a better cook, we have compiled the following series of photos.

Essential kitchen tips and tricks, you will also find in these Videos.

herbal durable

make Fresh herbs from the market, usually not longer than a few days. The Video shows what Tricks the herbs a longer shelf life can make.


onions can be a challenge to cut. With this technique, however, you will be Pro in no time.

peel the ginger

Who peels ginger, cuts away more often than it should be. There is a very simple Trick on how to peel ginger with a teaspoon optimally.

tomato cut like a Pro

Cherry-cut tomatoes is time-consuming and costs a nerve – and sometimes fingertips. But with this Trick you cut in half, several tomatoes at once, and avoid all wounds, sure cut.

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