How Khrushchev managed to survive the Great terror

History 04/03/20 How Khrushchev managed to survive the Great terror

the Answer to this question must be sought not only in the activities of Nikita Khrushchev as first Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party, but in his past; a close associate of Stalin, Lazar Kaganovich the nomination of Khrushchev in the Moscow Committee of the CPSU(b) described him as a former Trotskyist and directly reported it to Stalin, and when he asked, “now what?”, Kaganovich said the following: “…Struggling with the Trotskyists. Actively supports. Sincerely struggles” (Felix Chuev “thus spoke Kaganovich”). However, follow-Khrushchev showed that with Trotskyist ideas, he may not leave until the end of life.

Trotskyism, as he is

the Term “Trotskyism” for the first time used in 1907 by the leader of the “cadets” Pavel Milyukov, who calls the movement “revolutionary illusions”; the term POPs up again in the course of inner-party struggle of the twenties in the articles of Bukharin, Kamenev, Zinoviev and Stalin, but about the content of the concept is still debated.

the Doctor of historical Sciences B. M. Ivanov defines Trotskyism, as the ideological and political movement appropriated the revolutionary paraphernalia; the Trotskyists called themselves Marxists, Communists and declare the struggle against capitalism, imperialism and chauvinism, evince contempt for the needs of the tradesman and peasant. The methods of struggle of the Trotskyists – the terror, the split, the coup and the dictatorship of the proletariat, but the main idea is the expansion of the revolution that must engulf the whole world. In fact, Trotskyism is the brainchild of liberal ideas, which were imbued with Leon Trotsky, and the Trotskyists, even more than capitalism, hate Communists and peoples of the socialist countries, is the little to start to restore the industry and agriculture.

ousted from his post by Stalin, who did not allow them “to kindle the fire of the world revolution”, the Trotskyists began to hate the leader, who, according to Trotsky, tried to replace dictatorshipsthe proletariat party nomenklatura and return to capitalism.

he was saved by Alliluyeva

Kaganovich told the story of the party member, who in 1921 voted for a Trotskyist resolution, and he was expelled from the party; Khrushchev voted for it four times and went on increasing. It is believed that he was saved by Nadezhda Alliluyeva, with whom he went to school and had a good relationship. After the suicide of Stalin’s wife, Khrushchev was perceived as someone who was close to her, and it saved Khrushchev’s life.

Trotsky’s Ideas — to life?

the Activities of Khrushchev as first Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee leads many historians to think that the ideas of Trotskyism have not gone away and after coming to power, Khrushchev began to bring them to life. Indeed, the results of his rule to become the country’s deplorable.

the Struggle with Stalin,

Read Khrushchev at the XX party Congress report “O Stalin’s personality cult” was not only the “wind of change”, but the beginning of the collapse of the socialist camp in the European countries, it began the fermentation, and China considered the report of the treachery of ideas of communism and also refused to cooperate; CCCP lost the military base of Port Arthur and loans invested in the economy of China.

After the Congress there was a split inside the Communist party, reinforced the fact that Khrushchev was shared by the regional committees on the ground in rural and urban, splitting the party in two. The Council of people’s deputies of the interior Ministry and the KGB was put under direct subordination of the Communist party, which essentially was the Directive of Trotsky in the circuit of power in the party. Quite Trotsky was held and company anti-consumption imposed total censorship, excluding the entry into the country of “bourgeois culture”.


Before the arrival of Khrushchev agriculture CCCP showed a 10% increase every year, but in 1958 Khrushchev began the destruction of private farms: it was forbidden to raise cattle on plots, cattle farmers had to be purchased by the state, and portions are cut. In response farmers started to drive cattle, herd domestic animals and ptics were reduced, the farmer was in a difficult position – “workdays” is not enough even for food.

added To this Grand Scam with corn, which was decided to grow from the Black sea to the Taimyr, and which could not ripen in our climate. Wheat has declined, in 1963, the country was threatened with famine, the bread had to buy in the United States.


it was eliminated the system of financial incentives and introduced the principle of egalitarianism in pay, the Stakhanov movement was destroyed and completely eliminated the cooperative sector, which under Stalin worked 2 000 000 people, providing the country with essential commodities. Began Ukrainization of Russian in the USSR, the same processes were in other republics, where leadership positions are appointed persons “titular” nationality; business administration and powers were transferred to the Republic.

the Officer of the KGB Philip Bobkov in an interview, says that the country began a regular riots: riots and strikes, which had to be suppressed; after the departure of Khrushchev, the situation has improved.

O the results of the economic reforms can be judged by a gold standard CCCP: in 1953, the reserves CCCP was 2049,8 tons, and by the end of Khrushchev’s rule — 1600 tons.

International relations

under contract with the U.S. Khrushchev legalized abortion and began to reduce the army from 1955 to 1957 it decreased by 2 040 000 people, had reduced the number of military schools, 400 Navy ships CCCP has been preserved.

the financial infusions in the countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America, like Khrushchev tried to implement the idea of world revolution. “Your problem is not solved, but building stadiums in Indonesia” – characterized the situation Fillip Bobkov.

14 October 1964 Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU Khrushchev freed from the post, two months later, the reform turned. Securitatem them was the weakening of the GCC on the world stage, the impoverishment of the population, the emergence of centrifugal forces in the republics, Khrushchev laid the mine forslow action, which in subsequent years could not or decided not to disarm and, in the end, jerked, led to the collapse of the country.

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