How many mistresses was Hitler

History 10/03/20 How many mistresses was Hitler

the private life of Hitler still leaves alone of many historians and researchers. Despite the fact that there are versions of the gay great Fuhrer in his life were women. Not one.

As we know, Adolf had always preferred women with large Breasts. All of his mistress was much younger – an average age difference was approximately 20 years. To marriage he was strongly considering that for a great man enough to have a mistress for the soul and satisfaction of physiological needs. He was afraid of liability, so all the women could not in any way to influence him, he tried to keep them at a distance. They say that the Fuhrer skillfully seduced girls and skillfully used his influence. In some sources there is confirmed information about the fact that women were provided financial assistance for the party and often gave him money in large sums.

Mistress of the Fuhrer

One of the favorites of Adolf was 18-year-old Frenchwoman Charlotte Lobzhua. Then Hitler was already 27, i.e. the difference compared with the rest of his mistresses was not so significant for 9 years. Lobzhua was a bright brunette, and resembled in many respects a Gypsy. Relations between them did not last long.

replace Charlotte came of Geli raubal. It is proved that she was his own niece. But that did not stop Adolf. Their romance lasted more than 6 years and ended due to the fact that the Gels had imposed on himself. But she was younger than Adolf, for 19 years. They say that after her death the führer was tormented by remorse and even tried to commit suicide. The dramatic finale of this love story does not end with one death, repeating in the following respects.

Maria Reiter tried to hang herself because of unrequited love. Not becoming someone important for Hitler to commit suicide and tried unity MitFord. She was a real lady and was a daughter of the Lord. Their relationship was largely driven mutual Nazi views. In 1939, Mitford tried to shoot himself and let in the forehead with two bullets. To the surprise of the doctors she survived, though the wound was fatal. But a few months later, she died from swelling of the brain caused by injury. Novel Adolf and unity did not last more than a year.

Eva Braun – the official wife of Hitler

Despite the fact that Adolf categorical about marriage, he has documented his relationship with a woman. It was Eva Braun. Their acquaintance took place when Hitler lived with Gels, and, according to historians passionately loved her. When I first met eve was only 17 years old. And Adolf was forty years a man of experience. Eva won it even during your first meeting. So Hitler, being in a relationship with Geli, sought for a reason to see Eva. She, in turn, also did everything possible to please him. They say, knowing the predilections of Adolf to a large chest, she would put the bra handkerchiefs. Soon a fleeting encounter escalated into an affair. After the suicide of Geli brown takes its place in the life of Adolf.

During their relationship Eva twice tried to kill herself. Many argue that it was only played performance to draw attention to themselves. The third attempt of suicide was final. But her life, she has already finished the official status of the wife of Hitler. The day after the wedding the couple had imposed on himself.

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