Biography 10/03/20 “the Gravedigger of the Soviet Union”: why so called Zbigniew Brzezinski

What was the man who was called the “gravedigger of the Soviet Empire”.

the Father

a Decisive influence on the character formation of the future ideologist of US foreign policy had a father. A prominent diplomat, Consul General in Canada, Tadeusz Brzezinski, was forced to become a defector after the second world war to power in Poland the Communists came. It so happened that in view of the diplomatic service of the father, Zbigniew, in total, lived in his native country only three years, and Brzezinski is a senior very worried that the boy will lose spiritual connection with their own people. The son he brought up in the spirit of patriotism and devotion to the Motherland. It is from father, the future politician received the first lessons of strategy, policy analysis and diplomacy, and also learned the price of political mistakes.

Tadeusz Brzezinski believed the main threat to Poland, the Soviet Union, which, incidentally, was Consul in 1936 and 1938. My father told me a little about Zbigniew totalitarian nature of the Soviet Union, the Stalinist purges, about the Imperial, expansionist nature of Russia.

the diplomat was sure that Poland is able to protect its independence from the ambitions of Stalin is only through Union with Germany. The Hitler’s occupation of the Polish Republic in September 1939 was a tragedy for Thaddeus Brzezinski. At that time he was Consul General of Poland in Canada, and were cut off from the political process. His father’s error played a major role in shaping the strategic thinking of Zbigniew Brzezinski.

“Americans of Polish descent”

a child Zbigniew demonstrated outstanding intellectual abilities and high ambitions. In school Brzezinski studied the history of Poland: not just studied and analyzed like a game of chess. On each momentous episode in Polish history, he gave his in his opinion the most optimal variant of development. Then followed by father Zbigniew came to the conclusion that the main historical enemy of his homeland is Russia: Poland can maintain its independence only with a weak neighbor to the East.

In those years Brzezinski had a goal – to become the President of Poland, to return the former glory of the Commonwealth.

Immediately after the war, he went home. However, the destroyed Poland, which he found was far from that powerful country, which he drew in his own fantasies. Years later, Brzezinski recalled: “I realized that I was not a pole and an American of Polish descent… Poland is the home of my childhood, the source of my historical and cultural identity.”

Patriotism in the distance

we must admit that in the end, Zbigniew Brzezinski did to their historic homeland more than many presidents in their countries. Occupying high posts in the administrations of presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, he defended the interests of Poland, at times risking his career. To Brzezinski American foreign policy did not consider this country as a serious player on the world political map: it was actually given up as an eternal satellite of the USSR. But he did everything to prove that independent of Russia, Poland could become a major conduit of American interests in the global confrontation with Russia. In the early 1980’s, Zbigniew Brzezinski personally supported the Polish trade Union “Solidarity” movement, which ultimately played a decisive role in the collapse of the Communist regime in Poland. Despite the protests of the U.S. state Department he undertook a risky trip to Warsaw, met with cardinal Wyszynski and declared the Roman Catholic Church’s legitimate opposition force. It’s tough stance of the United States, the main lobbyist of which was Brzezinski, thwarted in the early 1980s, the Soviet Union enter the Polish people’s Republic troops to quell Union protests.

after the collapse of the Soviet Union ZbigNev Brzezinski sent all their influence to Poland became a member of NATO and the European Union.

Some of his colleagues joked that Brzezinski used the entire power of the United States for the sake of their historical homeland.

in Fact, he never denied it, stating that it is a mutually beneficial relationship: without a strong America cannot be a sovereign of Poland, and without an independent Poland on the United States will not be able to keep the Imperial appetites of Russia in Eastern Europe.

the Relationship with Ukraine

“Sooner or later Ukraine will become part of democratic Europe and Russia will follow it, if does not isolate itself and will not “polosatoje imperialist relic,” wrote Zbigniew Brzezinski. American policies have always been convinced that without Ukraine Russia will never be able to restore its Imperial status. I must admit that Brzezinski associate with Ukraine not only issues of the global strategy.

So, a generic slot slantedeskimo kind Brzezinski is now located in the Ternopil region town of Berezhany (in Polish Brzezany).

Father Brzezinski was born in the town of Zolochiv, which was once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and now located on the territory of Lviv oblast, and was educated at Lviv University. It is interesting that Brzezinski’s father even fought in the Polish troops of the Ukrainian Galician army in the battle for Lviv in 1918, and in 1920 fought for Ukrainian lands in the Polish-Soviet war.

by the Way, there is a version of the Zbigniew Brzezinski was born in Warsaw, as the information, but in Soviet Kharkov, where his father served in the Polish Consulate. It is interesting that Brzezinski is today the only neukrainets-an honorary citizen of the city. Both sons of American politics even had to live on the territory of modern Ukraine, and the youngest, mark, even married an ethnic Ukrainian woman Natalia, Lopatnic. Himself Zbigniew Brzezinski openly admits his sympathies for the Ukrainians. Interestingly, before the Ukrainian events of 2014, he singled out Julia T.moshienko, which was considered a very promising politician, and a very attractive woman.


Zbigniew Brzezinski never flaunted their religiosity, but nonetheless recognized that he had the admiration of only one person – Pope John Paul II. American politician considers his “first true spiritual and religious leader in human history”. Many experts say that as a US presidential Advisor on national security Zbigniew Brzezinski played a role in the election of a Pontiff of the pole Karol Wojtyla in 1978. Interestingly, the politician is sure that John Paul II did for Poland independence far more than he.

the Rivalry with Henry Kissinger

at least four decades, Zbigniew Brzezinski behind the scenes is the chief architect of U.S. foreign policy. For this informal title can compete with him only one man, the other a “political elder”, 90-year-old Henry Kissinger. It is in their long rivalry has shaped the foreign policy strategy of the United States during the cold war, the influence of which is felt today.

As a representative of the Democratic party Zbigniew Brzezinski mercilessly criticized the concept of “detente” in relations with the Soviet Union, which was Republican Kissinger when he was in the early 1970s Secretary of state under President Richard Nixon. Then Brzezinski did everything to spoil which began a constructive dialogue between the Soviet Union and America. Since then, almost any issue of global policy, the two “elders” were different opinions.

for Example, in the Ukraine crisis Zbigniew Brzezinski took a tougher stance against Russia, and Kissinger, by contrast, justified Russia’s actions – “the West must understand that for Russia Ukraine will never be just a foreign country”.

a Curious episode occurred at the 80-year anniversary Brzezinski, who was invited and Henry Kissinger. At the moment of pronouncing of speech hero of the day its gmain rival suddenly defiantly headed for the door. On the question of Brzezinski – “Henry, you’re leaving not because of what I say?” Kissinger replied, “I spent 30 years waiting for this moment”.

18 minutes

Zbigniew Brzezinski never writes great articles and does not give long interviews. This has nothing to do with high employment, a famous strategist. Brzezinski refers to the research of the Pentagon, according to which the human brain is able to perceive incoming information (and most importantly the right to “handle” it) for a maximum of 18 minutes. And this applies to people with high intellectual abilities. Ability to hold focus on the message the average person even less. So Zbigniew Brzezinski is trying all his articles and speeches to build using short, unambiguous phrases, which sometimes resemble abstract than speech. For example, his video message to the Maidan were not more than two minutes. Apparently, because of this, Brzezinski of all the networks liked Twitter.

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