How many were killed by Soviet soldiers in the battles with the Chinese in the Sino-Soviet

History 18/03/20 How many were killed by Soviet soldiers in the battles with the Chinese in the Sino-Soviet

The largest armed conflict in the twentieth century between China and the Soviet Union took place in 1969. For the first time the broad Soviet public was shown the atrocities of the Chinese invaders on the island Damansky. However, the details of the tragedy, people found out only many years later.

Why the Chinese are mocked by the guards

According to one version, the deterioration of relations between the Soviet Union and China began after failed negotiations about the fate of damanskii island, which arose in the Wake of the Ussuri river as the result of the shoaling of a small part of the river. According to the Paris peace agreement of 1919, the state border was determined at the middle of the river fairway, but if the historical circumstances spoke to the contrary, the border can be determined based on priority – if one of the countries first colonized the territory, it was preferred in the solution of the territorial issue.


a Priori, it was assumed that nature created the island was ceded under the jurisdiction of the Chinese side, but due to failed negotiations between the General Secretary of the CPSU Nikita Khrushchev and the head of China Mao Zedong, the final document on this issue was not signed. The Chinese side began to use the “island” question to the relationship with the us. A number of Chinese historians have argued that the Chinese were going to do the Americans a pleasant surprise, to show the seriousness of breaking relations with the Soviet Union.

for Many years the small island of 0.74 square kilometers – was a tasty morsel, which was used for testing tactical and psychological maneuvers whose main purpose was to test the strength and adequacy of reaction of the Soviet border guards. Minor conflicts had occurred here before, but to open bestolkhovaya is not reached. In 1969, the Chinese made more than five thousand registered violations of the Soviet border.

the First landing was a breeze

know the secret Directive of the Chinese military leadership, which developed a special operations plan for the armed seizure of the Peninsula Sino-Soviet. First from the Chinese moved to break the landings, which on the night of 1 on 2 March 1969. They used the prevailing weather conditions. Went to heavy snowfall, which allowed us to sneak across the frozen Ussuri river 77 Chinese military. They were dressed in white camouflage overalls and armed with Kalashnikovs. The group was able to cross the border so secretive that its passage was unnoticed. And only the second group of Chinese in the number of 33 people were discovered by the observer of the Soviet border guard. The message about a large breach was transferred to the 2nd Nizhne-Mikhaylovskoye Outpost belonging to Iranskom frontier.

With the border guards took the cameraman – private Nikolai Petrov to the last shot of the events on camera. But the guard did not have an accurate picture of the number of offenders. It was supposed that their number does not exceed three dozen. So her elimination sent 32 Soviet border guards. Then they separated and moved to the area of violations of the two groups. The first priority is to disarm peacefully offenders, the second task is to provide reliable cover. The first group was headed by a twenty-eight year old Ivan Strelnikov, who was already preparing to enter the military Academy in Moscow. To cover the second group was headed by Sergeant Vladimir Rabovich.

the Chinese have in advance a clear idea of the task of destroying the Soviet border guards. Whereas the Soviet border guards planned to settle the conflict peacefully, as it was not just because in this area there were constant minor violations.

the Chinese Raised hand – the signal to attack

Strelnikov as the most skilled commanderand the head of the Outpost was ordered to negotiate. When Ivan Strelnikov approached the offenders and were offered for peace to leave Soviet territory, the Chinese officer raised his hand – it was the signal to open fire – the first rank of Chinese made the first salvo. Strelnikov was killed first. Seven guards accompanying Strelnikova died almost immediately.

Everything was filmed until the last minute private Petrov.

Gray hair and gouged out his eyes

Covering a group of Rabovica are unable to come to the aid of their comrades: they had ambushed and killed one by one. All the guards were killed. The Chinese have over the dead border guard sneered with all the sophistication. The photos show that he gouged out his eyes, mutilated with bayonets person.

survivors of corporal Paul Akulova was waiting for a terrible fate – torture and painful death. They took him prisoner for a long time tortured, and then thrown into Soviet territory from the helicopter only in April. The body of the deceased doctors counted 28 stab wounds, it was evident that he had long been tortured – all the hair was plucked, and a small lock of hair was completely grey.

However, one of the Soviet border guards in this battle, had a chance to survive. Private Gennady silver received a severe wound in the back, lost consciousness, and repeated the blow with a bayonet to the chest was not fatal. He managed to survive and wait for help from their comrades by the commander of the neighboring post Vitaly Bubenin, and his subordinates, and a group of Junior Sergeant Vitaly textbook] was able to provide serious resistance to the Chinese side. Having a small supply of forces and weapons, they forced the Chinese to retreat.

31 the dead guard with their lives had a decent resistance to the enemy.

moosie and “Grad” to stop the conflict

the Second round of conflict occurred on March 14. By this time the Chinese military has deployed five thousandth regiment, the Soviet side – the 135 th infantry division, equipped with facilities “Grad”, which was appliedafter receiving several contradictory orders: the party leadership – the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee – strongly demanded to remove not to deploy Soviet troops on the island. And once that was done immediately the territory occupied by the Chinese. Then the commander of the far Eastern military district Oleg Losik, past the second world war, ordered to open on the enemy the fire of the reactive system of volley fire “Grad” in one shot, 40 rounds in 20 seconds was able to destroy the enemy within a radius of four hectares. After such a bombardment of any large-scale military actions, the Chinese military did not take more.

the Final point in the conflict set policy of the two countries: in September 1969 an agreement was reached that neither the Chinese nor the Soviet forces would not occupy the disputed island. This meant that de facto Sino-Soviet China took over in 1991, de jure, the island became Chinese.

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