as of 2024 should be of the solos for a majority of the taxpayers from the table. The Federal Cabinet agreed to the part of the abolition and following the law draft of the Federal Ministry of Finance. The Statista graphic shows, on the Basis of data of the Ifo-Institute, the amount that taxpayers have in their wallets, if the proposal of the Federal Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, will be implemented.

A Single-person household with a gross annual income of 40,000 euros to be debited to 332 euros less. From an annual income of approx. € 74.000, the solos, however, is still due. The discharge is then considerably lower, or they can be completely eliminated. By 2026, the solos should be phased-out in this model. The part of the abolition 2024 almost eleven billion euros escape the Federal government, according to an estimate by the Federal Ministry of Finance.

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