ox heart tomatoes are large, wavy, bright red and taste like melons. You are an old tomato variety, a the there is in this country only rarely. And if then only on the week market or directly from the farm shop.

In the super markets and discounters, but you get mainly one variety, the industry of tomato, which looks plump and bright red, just perfect. The taste however, is missing. What is the reason? This question of the “WDR”-consumer shipment market goes.

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in 2017, approximately 733.000 tons were imported to Germany. Each second came from the Netherlands. Of course the supermarkets could also lead to the old varieties. But taste has its price. Tomatoes that taste good, are more expensive and less profitable. In addition, the customer is comfortable: a bull’s heart, you can’t tomato in the Whole meal, a snack tomato in between also time. The Germans want to be tomatoes, the fixed and transportable. Taste is not a priority. In addition, product had with pressure or land cracks have no Chance in the supermarket. So you are safe with the industry tomato on a number.

An international team of researchers has looked at the University of Valencia to the lack of taste of the industrial tomato in more detail. You have found out that the modern tomato has nothing to do with the ancient fruit. The genes of the Plant have changed and therefore also the taste. You can read more about this here.

big corporations ruin the taste of a tomato

Long modern greenhouses have become a global business, with a lot of money can be made. are. The also provide an explanation for why old tomato varieties are dwindling. Four firms control over 60 percent of the seed. These are: Bayer, BASF, Corteva and Syngenta. These companies breed their seeds so that farmers cannot reproduce itself, it must be purchased again and again.

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experts view this monopoly is very critical: large companies reduce the diversity of tomato varieties. So what can you do? Breed new varieties, their seed of any freely traded and can be further developed. Only the variety and diversity of tastes get. This approach is called Open Source Seeds, so farmers will be independent from the major seed producers.

for those Who prefer tomatoes to eat, which after a little taste, the old varieties. You can purchase on the weekly market or in the farm shop. Or but you to grow tomatoes easily.

Here you can see the whole show in the library!

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