How old was the youngest soldier in the Second world

Heroes 01/03/20 How old was the youngest soldier in the Second world

We know the names of the characters bravely and selflessly fought against the enemy in the great Patriotic war. Many of them were before grown-up children. Tell about one of these — guard soldier Sergey Aleshkov. However, for the colleagues he was just an ordinary Serguei his first award he received when he was only 6 years old.

the Orphan

Sergei was Born in the village of Gryn Kaluga region. The war came to the boy’s life when he was only 5 years old. His two older brothers went to the front, and he remained with his mother and 10-year-old brother Peter. Residents lost in the woods of the village did not put up with the invaders came to their land, and went into the woods to a partisan.

Pete the Germans were suspected of having links with the resistance and hanged, and the mother, when she, driven mad with grief, tried to prevent it, was shot. Sergei was saved by a neighbor who literally pushed him out the window and told me to flee into the forest, while the Germans had was to search and burn the house Aleshkevich. Together with other villagers he went to the base of the guerrillas. Soon the guerrillas had detected and defeated the German penal battalions, but the boy managed to escape.

tinder box

it was autumn 1942-the year. A week Sergei wandered into the forest. Fed on pasture, drinking from puddles, freezing at night and weakened, weakened, weakened… one of these days, when he had no strength not to go and even to stand, he stumbled scouts of the 142nd guards rifle regiment. They took him along and took part. Looking at the exhausted child, even seasoned veterans are unable to hold back the tears, so starving, dirty and miserable was Sergei.

the commander of the regiment, major Mikhail Danilovich Vorobiev decided to leave the boy’s part. It is not known what led him to this. Maybe he thought that the child with adults would be better, and in the rear 6-year-old an orphan can simply get lost. Whatever it was, the child became the son of the regiment. Serezha celebrated in the most authentic form and he began to look like a real soldier.

Although he was not allowed on the front edge, the shelf he was helping. Was the messenger, carrying the soldiers need different things that could raise due to his age: water, ammo, grenades. In breaks between fights entertained soldiers with songs and ditties. Instead of machine Sergei gave a pair of binoculars, and no wonder — eyed boy several times noticed the enemy in a time when experienced scouts missed him.


the Regiment, which was Sergei, took part in the battle of Stalingrad. Boy, as usual, was behind the front edge, always close to the regimental commander Mikhail Vorobyov, who by this time had become like a father to him. One day he went out of the dugout that housed regimental headquarters, with the request.

Sergei was Worth to move away from the dugout, began as a RAID on. All the men hid and did not notice that one of the bombs landed right in the shelter. Noticed it only Sergei. Despite the explosions, he ran to the destroyed dugout and began to call the commander. Realizing that the fallen logs he can’t move, the boy directly under the bombing ran for help and brought the bomb squad who dismantled the logs and saved everyone who was under the rubble.

Mikhail Danilovich escaped with mild concussion and was not injured. But while he was out, according to eyewitnesses of those events, 6-year-old guard soldier Sergey Aleshkov stood and roared in three streams, and when the commander took out, rushed to embrace him cry “folder-a Folder!” and nothing more was ever said.

then the boy was presented with a medal “For military merit”. In premium sheet made a mistake in writing his name wrong ends:

“to Reward the pupil of the regiment Aleshkin Sergey Andreevich that he during his stay in the regiment from September 8, 1942, along with the regiment held a responsible way of fighting. 18, 1942, was wounded. Kato the child, always cheerful, he loved the regiment, the command and all its others. His cheerfulness, love to part and others in extremely difficult moments, instilled courage and confidence in victory.Comrade Aleshkin pet regiment.”

the commander and the father

the commander of the regiment, major Mikhail Vorobiev was single and lonely. And too attached to him, loved him with all my heart. He decided to officially adopt him. To look after the child helped him regimental nurse Nina Andreevna Bedov. Taking care of it, they do not notice how they fell in love and soon got married. The child with the regiment fought until 1944, after which he was sent to study in the Tula Suvorov military school.

After the war

Sergei Aleshkov graduated from the Suvorov military school, and moved to Kharkov, where he received a law degree. The rest of his life he spent in Chelyabinsk: there lived replaced his parents Michael and Nina Sparrow.

War has not passed for it completely undermined his health. In 1990 commander of the order of Patriotic war I degree, winner of medals “For military merit”, “For victory over Germany”, guard soldier Sergey Aleshkov died.

Vasily Khodarev

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