One might think it is actually, barely, but yeah: Even water can leave stains. Especially on the seat cushions, in the car, the fluid is causing ugly spots and edges. But how do you get rid of the residue? But not, for example, by brushing with water on it? And what is with the other grease or dirt stains?

car seats clean: pay Attention to the relation

Before you head to the cleaning Cabinet, you should consider what cleaning products you may use. Leather seats need, logically enough, tissue a other care as the seat covers made of fiber. They are generally a bit more robust and it also acid needed for cleaning use.

fiber fabrics, however, are made so that you can keep a protracted state of degradation – which is why the Cleaning is often the Problem, and cleaning products from the hardware store will often bring nothing. Finally, there are the good old home remedies that are used.

home remedy: how to clean car seats with shaving foam

shaving foam all-rounder is sometimes true – especially when it comes to Clean EMS. He often comes to the Cleaning of carpets, and is also a great way to bring car seats to a high gloss. It does not matter what type of stain it is – the shaving foam removes both water stains and fat residues. The advantage of a shaving foam is that it leaves no odors behind, and easily on the cushion apply.

tip: Leave the Mediterranean for a half hour on the affected spots to soak in and Pat the seat then, with a fog cloth damp.

car seats: stains with vinegar and water

In the household vinegar is indispensable to get rid of why you have a stock at home. You can use to save your stained car seat. Vinegar and water can be applied to leather, faux leather and fiber tissues apply, and containing patches of at limestone. Let the vinegar and water on a sponge drops and DAB it on the spots. You wipe here, too, after a few minutes of exposure with a fog cloth damp.

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home remedies: lemon juice for Cleaning the car

Who wants to use a vinegar and water – either because of the smell or for other reasons – can also use lemon water to combat water stains or fat residues to proceed to sit. The application is carried out exactly as in the acetic: citric of water on a sponge and gently to the affected areas to distribute. Let it soak, and with the moistened cloth to wipe off the seat is like new again.

car seats cleaning: miracle of salt?

Everyone knows that salt absorbs liquids. Therefore, it is suitable, for example, is perfect against water stains. You wet your car seats easily, sprinkle some salt on it and leave the Whole for two hours to soak in. After that, the stain and residue should be gone.

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Mottled edges: With anti-icing spray

fight If you don’t have the feeling that stained the edges of the stalls just of water stains or other greasy back, but calcium deposits, or sugar, use ice spray. In order to freeze the Spray the pesky residue. After this, you can easily use a soft brush to remove.


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