Eggs are a staple for many from the Breakfast table. However, the small by-product that is formed during the cooking of the eggs, and often gets little to no attention – and immediately lands in the drain. The eggs of water can be extremely helpful.

eggs water strengthens your plants

eggs in water can serve as a fertilizer for the plants in your house and garden. By cooking the eggs the minerals from the shell and go into the water. Especially Calcium is contained in large amounts in the eggs of water. This ensures that the pH value of the soil, with values from 6.0 to 6.5 – remains neutral.

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A calcium deficiency in your plants, you will see yellowish-brown spots on the leaves. In addition, they are more susceptible to diseases and pests. Therefore, it may also be useful, eggs, water preventive use, even before the characteristics of a defect to occur. The Calcium, making the plant nutrients can better absorb.

Order your plants Calcium zuzufüttern, let the eggs and water just to cool to room temperature and pour it into the pot. In order for the treatment to be effective, you should let your plants once a week, eggs, water be given.

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Not only the eggs of water: So your plants eggshells

in addition to eggs water do your plants by the way, also egg shells. This should not, however, end up in rough pieces on the plant earth. First of all, these are milled under a cloth on the kitchen Board with a meat tenderizer before you give the crushed egg shells into the water. This let a couple of days and watering then the plant floor – not directly to the leaves and flowers. For the perfect mix the shells from one to two eggs in a litre of water.

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