How to make the hospital quarantined

At the same time, the government guaranteed the payment of sick leave to anyone who is not only hard to quarantine, but voluntarily isolated themselves. Fortunately, in our times, his design, like many government services, possibly remotely. About how it is done, “MK” told the Fund of social insurance of the Russian Federation.

so, today the Russians who have returned from abroad, should not leave the place of residence within 14 days of the date of arrival to Russia. However, this period will be paid by the state in the form of temporary disability benefits in accordance with the instructions of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail mishustina adopted a new decree of the government of the Russian Federation, approved the Provisional rules of granting and payment of sick leave to persons in quarantine in connection with the coronavirus. Therefore, all working citizens, who are in this situation, you can remotely issue the electronic certificate of incapacity (national liberation army), not leaving the apartment. Touch new order and living together with them in work.

a New procedure for processing of such sheets began to operate in the country from 20 March 2023 and will last until July 1, 2023.

What you need in order to make e sick list, that is, without leaving the house? Today it is possible thanks to the wide introduction of electronic sick leave, which had begun the Fund of social insurance of the Russian Federation since July of 2017. To do this, go to the website of FSS ( and submit the application electronically by clicking on the conspicuous banner “to Apply for the issuance of the national liberation army in the case of quarantine”, and then browsing to the Personal account of a recipient of services of the social insurance Fund of the Russian Federation (

In a private office FSS application on the remote results of the national liberation army is made by completing the online form. Everything is quite simple and convenient — all necessary details (about the border crossing, your name and social security number, etc.) are entered in separate fields. All tips on filling out the application you can see immediately.

It filled in the Personal account application, you also need to attach a photo of your passport and documents confirming the border crossing. And for insured persons residing together with arriving from abroad, insured persons, also attached photos of the documents confirming joint residence.

enter your Personal account is using the same username and password that You use to log on to the portal. Also note that the necessary confirmed an account in the Unified system of identification and authentication (ESIA), and it must be valid.

in addition to such a remote method of registration, for getting “sick list”, you can call the doctor at home.

Who are still not registered on the portal, don’t despair — the application and documents can be sent from another Personal account. The chances are that in your environment there are such people, are great. For example, if the wife has an account, she can send the announcement to the hospital at the time of quarantine was issued to the husband, if the husband do not mind.

So, an electronic certificate of incapacity to the Russians on quarantine is issued once for 2 weeks. However, payment for such sick leave will be made in parts. In the standard scheme sick pay sheet of the person receives only after it is closed. In this situation, the first payment will be released after 5 working days (7 calendar days) spent in hospital, and later — after the closure of a leaf of invalidity.

Experts note the convenience of the new order and for the employer. Because sick leave quarantine fully paid from the funds of the social insurance Fund, the enterprise will not have even for a short time to withdraw money from circulation. It is also important that the employer does not have to do even bureaucraticprogramme component of this process: all the stages of registration of such hospital, the FSS will take into their own hands. After making the national liberation army employees of the FSS will contact the employer to receive electronically all information necessary for the calculation and payment of benefits.

as for the form of the document, the electronic paper has the same legal validity as the paper counterpart.

If you have any questions, ask them of the experts of Fund of social insurance of the Russian Federation around the clock “hot line” 8-800-302-75-49.

Recall that today every patient calling to moderanization may ask to issue him a certificate of incapacity (sick leave) in electronic format. Such sheets form in the automated system with electronic signatures of physicians, and forwarded to the social insurance Fund.

Plus the fact that the employee does not need to include this tag in the personnel Department, and the doctor in this scheme has more time to devote to the patient. FSS experts say that e-hospital is beneficial to all. Employers — reducing the cost of maintaining the hospital. Employees since the electronic hospital is impossible to lose, to break, to mash, pour, and drive him across town to “surrender to the accounting Department” is not necessary.

in the design of the national liberation army has the ability to control everything that is written in it, at the stage of its preparation, which minimizes the possibility of error when entering information. Moreover, for obtaining such a sheet will not have to stand in queues in clinics, and all payments thereon are transparent. Yes, and it’s easy for doctors to record all patient data into the computer. Nevertheless, receiving an electronic or paper certificate of incapacity remains at the choice of the citizen.