Hundred years the patient is cured of coronavirus in Spain

Photo: AP Photo/Manu Fernandez

a Resident of Spain, which turned 100 years old, recovered from the coronavirus. The patient was discharged from the hospital in avilés in Asturias, RIA Novosti reported.

“the University hospital San agustín de avilés was discharged the first patient with COVID-19. We are talking about 100-year-old woman. Good luck”, – stated in the message of the local Department of health.

currently, the country registered more than 112 thousand cases of infection COVID-19, 10 thousand people from infection died.

the Number of cases COVID-19 in Spain exceeded 112 thousand.

Earlier, the health Ministry said, whether it is possible to obtain immunity to coronavirus. It was reported that the exact answer to this question, the doctors could not give, because the information about re-infection COVID-19 differ.

However, it became known that immunity to coronavirus infection found the inhabitants of the Italian Ferrara. It was explained that since the beginning of the pandemic in Ferrara COVID-19 were infected only 307 people, while the Emilia-Romagna region ranks second in Italy for number of infections.

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