It was now her Outfit, or her bad Behavior, that brought a traveler in trouble and she had to leave the plane before the Start? Harriet Osborne and the airline EasyJet are about to disagree.

Airline called the woman “disruptive” – Outfit shows more than the rest of the passengers

Reports from Fox News, according to want to see Osborne have worn on an EasyJet flight from Malaga in Spain to London in a top that was transparent, and views of intimate body make released. It was so maddening, that had complained of passengers with the Crew about Osborne.

the Crew, the woman offered a Top, you should have your transparent clothes. The woman added the announcement and the Top put on. Then the woman was kicked but is still bad Manners in appearance, as it is said by witnesses.

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The crew then decided to leave Osborne to go on the flight. A spokesman for EasyJet told Fox News: “We can confirm that a passenger on the 23. June from Malaga to Stansted travelled, due to their disturbing behaviour could not be travelling. Because of concerns about their apparel, the customer was asked politely to wear for the flight, an additional shell, which the customer agreed. You were, however, disturbing to a member of our Crew. Our cabin and ground staff is trained to assess all situations and act quickly and appropriately. We do not tolerate abusive or threatening behaviour towards our staff.”

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Osbourne said, however, compared to The Sun: “The Crew was terrible and made sure that I felt cheap. This flight attendant confronted me in front of the whole plane and said I should get in this shell. She said to me: ‘Oh, no, you go to the page’, and tried to cover me with your hands. She said: ‘You come in my plane – you have to put on a shell’. Then she ordered me to leave the plane, so I pulled on of course a Top.”

‘ve helped nothing, she had been removed by the Crew from the plane. “I was in shock. It was so sexist. I just burst into tears. We had to go back through the Terminal, where the Spanish police are waiting to interrogate us. They were amazed when I told them why we were fired.”

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