The Norwegian Pearl left on 22. June 2019 Amsterdam, and at the 2. July, the port of Barcelona. There the ship was stuck and about 2,300 passengers have to organise their return journey home. But what had happened?

cruise ship of the Norwegian Cruise Line in Barcelona: Mechanical problems, angry passengers

How do the passengers have been told that had been cancelled a scheduled Stop in Monaco. Also the stop in Palma would not take place. Basic mechanical problems of the cruise ship, which would have influence on the speed. Therefore, the ship remain one more night in Barcelona, as it, according to media reports, on 2. July was called. The 14-day cruise would be terminated prematurely and the next voyage of the Norwegian Pearl, departing in Rome was cancelled.

The Norwegian Pearl should now actually, in the early Morning of the 5. July in Rome to create. The cruise ended for the 2,300 passengers but in Barcelona, as the Portal cruise tricks reported. Many passengers have booked their flights from the Italian capital, you can miss now, and now the journey home to organize.

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The passengers were, meanwhile, angrily on Twitter and gave an insight into Events on the ground. A user writes: “On the way to the airport in Barcelona. I had to make their own preparations for the flight to Rome. You will reimburse 50 percent of the cruise and tours, for which we have paid, we have not done, 50 percent discount on future cruises (yeah, as if), flight tickets up to $ 300 per Person. No Overnight stay in the Hotel.”

writes to another: “Has anyone, was deleted from the Norwegian Pearl cruise will receive a tutorial on how to claim compensation and future vouchers to redeem? I need to rearrange my holiday for my family urgently.”

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In a statement, Norwegian Cruise Line, which also appeared on Twitter, it says: “On the 1. July 2019 Norwegian Pearl, currently on a 13-day repositioning journey from Northern Europe to the Mediterranean, experienced a mechanical Problem that requires a reduced travel speed. Therefore, they are not taking a course on Palma, Mallorca, but went directly to Barcelona, where further investigations were carried out. After Checking the ship now remains in a further night in Barcelona, and runs on 3. July 2019 to Livorno, Italy, where it makes its connection to Monte Carlo, will miss. You will end your trip in Rome, Italy.”

it Continues: “We are aware of the disappointment and inconvenience of consciously experienced by our guests due to this unforeseen Situation, and ask for sincere apology. Our Team works diligently to help all of our guests, and we thank you for your continued support and loyalty.”

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