Rats of the churches – A serious accident occurred on the B12 in the district of Mühldorf. In the municipality of the area of rats, churches, a Mercedes and a pickup truck at high speed collided head-to-head.

Two people were seriously injured, with two rescue helicopters, two Munich clinics flown. The two injured were the driver and passenger in the Bulgarian small vans. A further four people from the van were slightly injured. The Mercedes driver suffered only minor injuries.

The accident occurred, according to police at around 5.30 PM. The Mercedes driver came from the district of Pfaff churches caused the accident. He got out of so far unknown cause in the oncoming lane.

in a Serious accident on B12: Mercedes driving into oncoming traffic and rammed a Packed minibus

The press release of the police in the wording: “On Sunday morning, 28.07.2019, against 05:30 PM it came on the B12, in the municipality of the area of the rat churches, to a severe frontal accident between a passenger Car, a Mercedes, and a Bulgarian van.

+ the scene of The accident on the B12 in rats, churches. A rescue helicopter at the landing.© fib/TE

The Kosovan driver of the Mercedes from the district of the parish churches came from as yet unknown causes with his Car into oncoming traffic and collided here head-on with the oncoming van. The transport driver and his passenger were injured by the accident and had to be flown to further medical treatment in each case with a rescue helicopter to hospitals in Munich.

The other 4 occupants of the Van, as well as the accident, were slightly injured and the rescue weighing in surrounding hospitals spent. The two older vehicles, total damage was in each case. The amount of damage amounted to a total of about 15,000 euros.

For the rescue operations, operating funds and facilities of a diversion were two paramedics, 5 Rescue trucks, the head of the BRK, the fire rats, churches, and Lauterbach, as well as the circle of fire inspection Mühldorf on the spot. For the time of the rescue measures and accident recording had to be set up for 2 hours on a full lock.“

Also on Sunday morning a terrible accident occurred on the A8 South of Munich. A child and an adult lost their lives.



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