In China told how not to get infected from asymptomatic carriers COVID-19

In asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus are the people who have taken in from the respiratory tract samples has been detected agents or type-specific IgM COVID-19. In this case, no external manifestations of the disease such as fever, cough or sore throat, is not observed.

Despite the fact that according to the world health organization COVID-19 is transmitted from the patient manifested symptoms, asymptomatic carriers can also pose such danger. But, nevertheless, the main source of infection, they are not. To protect yourself from infection by a coronavirus from the carrier, is sufficient to comply with the already known rules to wear a mask, to observe social distance, regularly wash hands after street and to avoid places of a mass congestion of people.

it became known yesterday that the Chinese authorities have attended to the problem of asymptomatic leakage of coronavirus citizens, as such they can potentially trigger a new wave of the epidemic. As of the end of March the country had identified 130 such media COVID-19. They are planned to be placed in hospitals, and people who contact the authorities intend to send on a two-week quarantine under medical observation.

Earlier it was reported that in Wuhan after defeating the epidemic from Britain came the teenager caught an asymptomatic carrier COVID-19. He was immediately hospitalized to the city hospital.

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