He’s been now five years, your great love – singer Veronika Fischer (67) has dedicated to her partner Mario a Song. “Are You sure” will appear this Friday as a Single, the record company Telamo announced.

On the Cover of the friend of the singer clings to you, but it is only from the rear. “Say, are You sure that it is good the way it is. That You’re my friend and husband and my protector?”, Fischer asks in the song.

The singer had met her about 16 years younger boyfriend in April 2014 in the waiting room of a doctor’s practice. “Unexpectedly, out of nowhere, came Mario,” wrote the artist in the past year, in her autobiography.

As she sat in the waiting room, came two medics with a patient inside – and have them addressed. “May I ask, why are you here, what do you have?” She had been annoyed at first and thought he wanted an autograph. A while later, the two were a Couple.



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