In Italy revealed the secret of the individual areas, not subjected to attack coronavirus

In the Italian province of Pavia, where infections are recorded daily, there seems to be a place where the coronavirus has not arrived. Small town Ferrera Erbognone (with a population of just over 1000 inhabitants) is actually one of the few municipalities in the province where there was no registered cases since the beginning of the emergency.

what is the secret of resilience of the population Ferrera Erbognone? As assumptions, it is suggested that he lies in a possible prisutstviem in the blood of local residents of antibodies to counteract the coronavirus.

This feature attracted the attention of researchers who consider that it is necessary to study the phenomenon on a scientific level.

the Mayor of the nearby town Lomellino, Giovanni Fassina, proposes to analyze the composition of the blood of the locals to study their immune system and see if there’s some kind of key to finding something that will help stop the pandemic.

the Population reported that until 2 April to apply for the blood test in the laboratory in the nearby town of Sannazzaro de Burgundy. The tests will be voluntary, and citizens who are not able to go there, you will be able to donate blood at home.

the Mayor said: “I believe that our null cases are not due to genetics. We are just like everyone else. This is just a random situation, because, apparently, the population observes precautions. But Ferrera could be a good laboratory for the study, however, this initiative may have no diagnostic or prognostic value, to avoid the creation of false myths and unreasonable expectations among the population”.

“the Goal is to develop a method to find out whether you have enough antibodies to determine immunity of the population, says Giovanni Fassina. – I am convinced that many people came into contact with the virus and the infection has evolved into an asymptomatic form. We could set the percentage of the population that has immunity”.

Well, until science takes a pause, people begin tocheck in miracles. For example, some residents of the village of Montaldo Torinese in the Northern Italian region of Piedmont, I believe that the coronavirus protects them “miracle water”.

This same well water, according to the legend, once cured the pneumonia of the generals of Napoleon Bonaparte, whose troops camped in the village in June 1800, before the battle at nearby Marengo.

Montaldo Torinese, with a population of 720 people is about 20 km from Turin, where, as at the end of last week was infected with the coronavirus more than 3650 people. The mayor of the village is skeptical about the merits of the local water to counter the infection. “According to tradition, Napoleon’s generals to suffer with pneumonia, told the Guardian the mayor Sergio Gallotti, And thanks to the clean air and unspoilt countryside, and with the water, they were cured. At that time, the water probably helped. But today, the well is closed, and the water used only for irrigation. To drink it is impossible.”

According to Gaiotti, the most likely reasons for the lack of coronavirus in the village may be clean air and a healthy lifestyle, as well as his efforts to warn people about the risk of the coronavirus and dissemination of protective masks among all families.

“there’s almost no industry, mainly artisans, says the mayor. – From the beginning, I placed notices in the mailboxes of people that listed that they need to do to ensure safety, such as regular hand washing and avoid direct contact, and posted official notices on our web site. We were the first town in the area, which has distributed masks to all families, and we are still giving interchangeable mask”.

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