In Moscow has opened a center named Elizabeth Glinka

Photo: TASS/Anton novoderezhkin

the Center is named Elizabeth Glinka appeared in Moscow. It was opened at the address: Pyatnitskaya street, house 18, building 3, reports the Agency “Moscow”.

currently started two rooms: a historic telling of the history of charity in Russia, and a hall with personal belongings of Dr. Lisa.

it is Noted that at the centre of Queen Elizabeth Glinka will train volunteers.

“on the one hand this Fund, and on the other hand, as a separate legal entity, will be a Museum. In the part that we call the Center of kindness, will be a library, people and volunteers will come together and take lessons how to help people who are not so endowed as we are,” – said the head of the charity Fund Gleb Glinka, expressing hope that Dr. Lisa will continue.

Elizaveta Glinka was a public figure and human rights activist. In 2007, she founded an organization to help people who are in a difficult situation. In particular, she helped the homeless, the disabled, the terminally ill, seniors.

Dr. Lisa died in a plane crash December 25, 2016. She was flying a plane to deliver humanitarian aid to Syria.

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