In the Federation Council threatened the United States after the incident with the armored car of the Russian Federation in Syria


Senator Vladimir dzhabarov commented on the attempt by American to push the Russian armored car “Tiger” from the road in Syria. He urged the United States not to test the patience of the military of the Russian Federation, reported IA “NSN”.

Jabbarov said that Moscow should react to the situation, because such things are fraught with collisions.

“Americans play. When you climb on the rampage, deliberately framed, and the blow to,” said the Senator.

He said that the Russian authorities failed to agree with the Americans on the question of movements in the airspace in Syria. In particular, the two sides have begun to warn about the flight routes. The same Jabbarov proposed to make in the field of ground movement of military equipment.

“If this is not done, the Americans will have, unfortunately, a very serious lesson. We do not need to provoke a response, otherwise it will end very sad,” he warned.

Earlier in the Network appeared the video of the incident between the Russian and American military who moved armoured vehicles into Syria on 19 February. “Tiger” tried to overtake an armored car under the US flag, but he blocked the alley, and made the Russian armored car to pull over.

American armored car tried to push the Russian “Tiger” with the roads in Syria

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