In Russia can enter restrictions on use of studded tires

Photo credit: TASS/Valery sharifulin

the Russian motorists proposed fine for violations of the rules of the use of studded tires. It is also proposed to return the requirement to use identification mark “W” (spikes) on the car, reports the newspaper “Kommersant”.

the article States that the problem of damage to roads due to studded tires was discussed at a round table in the state Duma.

“According to Rosdornii, every year the Russian authorities to spend on refurbishment of the coating from 60 to 220 billion rubles. According to the Russian transport University, 53 billion is spent on repair of the rut, occurs most often because of the spikes,” – said in the message.

currently, drivers must drive on winter tires from December to February and from June to August of studded tires is forbidden to use.

As noted, most experts in the field of road construction proposed to impose additional restrictions on those motorists who use studded tires.

the Highways proposed to impose the penalty and to give the regions the right to determine the period of use of studded tires. The company also proposed to start the system for the automatic identification of vehicles with spikes. For this I want to return the responsibility to set the sign “Thorns”.

Earlier, auto experts say the causes that affect the problems with winter tires. So, studded tires can deteriorate with slippage at the start or when accelerating on ice or asphalt. Experts advise to accelerate smoothly and avoid any slip. Negative factors also include Parking on the pavement – if you steer the place, the spikes can appear.

in addition, the iron coating can be damaged, if you do not maintain the tire the required pressure level. Lose the spikes, motorists may also due to overheating of tires. It is therefore absolutely impossible to use a specialized rubber in a warm season.

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