In Russia the child was named in honor of COVID-19

Photo: depositphotos/Bork

Family from Novokuznetsk decided to name their newborn son in honor of coronavirus infection COVID-19. It is known that the child received the name of Kovid.

According to the portal, the couple expressed a desire to give her son such a name because it didn’t exist before.

According to parents, the name of Kovid – resonant and original. In addition, it carries a strong energy, I’m sure the family.

“It’s not Vanya, Sasha, Tolya and Kolya. No one will confuse”, – told reporters the boy’s father.

the Newborn is already showing its strength and character. This is especially true when he wakes up and starts screaming, stressed couple.

Parents Kovida expressed confidence that the name will bring the child good fortune in life.

Earlier in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh a newborn girl was given the name Crown in honor of the new coronavirus infection.

As explained by the uncle of the girl, the disease of people United and motivated to start good habits. The man said that the parents of a little girl understand the danger of the virus.

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