In some cases, nobles were executed on the gallows

History 21/03/20 frame of filmov some cases, nobles were executed on the gallows

the Most popular types of executions in the middle Ages was decapitation and hanging. And they were used to people of different classes.Decapitation was used as a punishment of the nobles, and the gallows was a lot of rootless poor. So why are the aristocracy of cut the head and the common people were hanged?

Beheading is the destiny of kings and noblemen

This form of the death penalty was universally applied for many millennia. In medieval Europe, such a punishment was considered “noble” or “honorable”. Beheaded mostly aristocrats. When a representative of a notable kind of put his head on the chopping block, he showed humility.

the Beheading sword, a hatchet or axe was considered the least painful death. Quick passing allowed them to avoid public agony that was important to representatives of noble families. The crowd, hungry for entertainment, not supposed to see low suicide manifestations.

Also, it was believed that the aristocrats, being brave and selfless warriors prepared to die from melee weapons.

everything in this case depended on the skill of the executioner. So often, the convicted person or his relatives paid a lot of money, so he did the trick with one blow.

Decapitation causes instant death, and thus saves from the violent suffering. The sentence cited quickly. The convict put his head on a log which had to be no more than six inches thick. This greatly simplified the execution.

the Aristocratic hue of this kind of punishment was reflected in books devoted to the middle Ages, thus perpetuating its selectivity. In the book “the Story of master” (author Kirill Sinelnikov) there is a quote: “…the penalty noble – beheading. It’s not hanging, the penalty of the mob. Beheading is the destiny of kings and the nobility.”


If to the deprivation of the head sentence of the nobles, on the gallows were criminals-the common people.

Hanging is the most widespread penalty. This form of punishment since ancient times, is shameful. And explanations several. First, it was believed that when hanging the soul cannot leave the body, as if staying him hostage. Such of the dead was called “zalojniki”.

second, to die on the gallows was excruciatingly and painful. Death does not occur immediately, the person experiences physical suffering and a few seconds remains in the mind, conscious of the approaching end. All his anguish and expressions of agony while watching hundreds of onlookers. In 90% of cases at the time of strangulation relax all the muscles of the body, resulting in complete emptying of the bowel and bladder.

in many Nations hanging was considered unclean by death. Nobody wanted to after the execution his body was hung for all to see. Shame flaunting – a mandatory part of this kind of punishment. Many believed that this death – the worst that can happen, and it only awaits the traitors. People recalled Judas, who hanged himself on an aspen.

Sentenced to the gallows had to have three ropes: the first two as thick as a little finger (Tortosa) was equipped with a hinge and intended for immediate suffocation. The third was called “token” or “throw” – it was to drop the condemned to the gallows. The penalty was completed, the executioner, holding onto the crossbar of the gallows, he knee hit in the stomach was sentenced.


Despite the clear distinction of belonging to a particular class, there were exceptions to established rules. For example, if a great nobleman raped a girl he instructed in the care, he was deprived of his nobility and all privileges associated with the title. If during the detention he resisted, then he waited for the gallows.

Among the military to be hanged sentenced deserters and traitors. For officers with suchdeath was so humiliating that they often committed suicide, without waiting for the execution of a court-appointed sentence.

the Exception was cases of high treason, in which the nobleman was deprived of all privileges and could be executed as a commoner.

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