In some cases, women in Russia fought to the death

History 12/03/20 In some cases, women in Russia fought to the death

Female fight in our day is no surprise. Girls and ladies are ready to fight on various occasions: at the disco, fight a cute guy in the clinic, if someone is trying to queue to go to the doctor… has always been?

Women’s fights – and without rules

In Russia has long been in the course of fights. Of course, for the most part they were men, but there have been cases that were fighting and women. However, Russian peasant women often did with their husbands and with each other by any means at hand, not just with his fists – for example, poker… the Reason for the fight between two women could be expected to theft or other bad act committed by one of them against another. Often attacked rivals: the wife would attack her husband’s mistress. It happened that in fights women scratching at each other, dragged by the hair, which usually was not found among men.

Even in Ancient Russia were legalized so-called judicial duels, and participation in them could make and women. However, the woman had the right to stand against their abuser, someone from the men – father, husband, brother, fiancé or just a friend. But only if the offender was male. If the offender was another woman, the plaintiff was obliged to fight with her in person. These rules were officially recorded in the Pskov judicial Charter dated 1397. Moreover, they concern the representatives of all classes.

Usually games have used such weapons like staves, spears, and iron-bound clubs. Very rarely fought hand to hand. It was the same with women.

Catherine duel

When Peter I issued a decree banning duels. But it didn’t help. Even noblewomen preferred to fight litigation.

Russian Empress Catherine II benefitsOskando looked at the duel and punish violators, only if the result of the fight, someone died or received serious injuries. Only one in 1765 was held on 20 duels, 8 of which the second role played by the Empress herself. However, Catherine was the principle to fight only to first blood! For all the long time of her reign was only three cases when women gualandi died.

In 1770, Princess Ekaterina Dashkova, while in London, in the house of the wife of the Russian Ambassador Countess Pushkina, ardently argued with the Duchess Foxon. In the discussion that offended Dashkova. The Princess gave the Duchess a slap in the face. A fight broke out, and both opponents demanded the sword. The duel took place in the garden and, fortunately, did not last long. Dashkova was wounded in the shoulder, but not dangerous.

When fighting to the death…

After Catherine II, women’s duels have become more frequent. Thus, in one only Petersburg salon of Mrs. Ostroumovoj for 1823 was held on 17 duels.

In June 1829 in the province of Orel had a fight two landowner – Olga Petrovna Zavarov and Ekaterina Polesov. Relationship decided to find out with the help of the match. As a weapon, the two ladies took the sword that belonged to their husbands, and the role of the seconds was performed by Mademoiselle. Also present was the teenage daughter from Suvorovoj and Polosovoi.

the Duel was held in the birch grove. To reconcile opponents refused and re-entered the fray. In the midst of her both grabbed swords… it all Ended tragically. Zavarov died on the spot from wounds to the head, and Polesov, receiving a wound in the abdomen, died the next day.

Five years later, the duel has already met their grown daughter. They also fought with swords. For Anna Polosovoi fight turned deadly, but Oleksandr Zavarov was still alive, and everything about this story was known from the diary that she kept.

On duel killed the young actress of the Mariinsky theatre Anastasia Malewska. Killer it became Esche more young lady, whose name even is not preserved in history. Malewska jealous of the girl who was passing through St. Petersburg, her date. After the verbal sparring was appointed to a duel with pistols. Alas, the actress was not lucky…

his Contemporaries testify that the duel of women to men was particularly brutal. As a rule, the opponents were not satisfied with inflicted wounds, they longed for the death of opponents. Sometimes gualandi even smeared the tip of the swords or swords with poison, that opponent would have died.

In the notes of the French Marquise de Mortain refers to the Russian duelyantok: “the duel do not carry any grace that can be observed in French women, and only blind rage aimed at the destruction of rivals”.

Well, that time duels were gone.

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