History 12/03/20 “Union of struggle”: how the students created the anti-Stalinist circle

These children want is not feasible. Aware of the anti-human essence of the current political system in the USSR, they tried to give him other civilized traits – such as they wanted it to be. For this he paid.

the Young idealists

more than a dozen boys and girls on this “Jewish nationalist case” were convicted, three boys-“leaders” shot. Students of Boris Slutsky, Yevgeny Gurevich and Vladilen Furman 3 years before the death of Stalin announced an alternative model of development. They had no reserves to implement his own ideas. But there were “informers”, who promptly surrendered “progressive-minded” students and those who listened to their ideas.

Such a wonderful game

Despite the passage of the brutal repression in the Soviet society of the late 50s was a place of dissent and certain ideas that are contrary to conventional wisdom, may have formed in the youth environment. “New thinking” was inseparable from Lenin’s ideology, but the “dictatorship of the proletariat” progressive youth treated differently. Boys and girls of the late 50s used the same methods that their fathers and grandfathers – leaflets, grouped in relation to the tasks… In many ways it was the game such a wonderful game, which in the end were shot or sent to camps. The film of Peter Todorovsky “What a wonderful game” is largely based on the story of the history of the aforementioned “Jewish Affairs”.

How it started

the Three “founders” Union of the struggle of Slutsk. Gurevich and Furman, shot. More than 15 people were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment. After the death of Stalin, these people were acquitted. Many of them have left memories. As recalled Susanna Pechuro, it all began with the literary circle at the House of pioneers. The children discussed different, including different kinds of political action of the type against “rootless Cosmopolfitmom”. They rebelled against the ideas that seemed alien to the thinking of a minor at the time-normal for teenagers to 40 – 50 years. Guys (Slutsky, Gurevich Furman) wrote poetry and prose, then it was cool, partly United. Gradually we were talking about General political matters. To the circle were different people, but the desire to interpret Marxist-Leninist statements is fundamental.

They all knew and understood

according to the memoirs of Susanna Pechuro, they knew about the surveillance – many had already been arrested relatives. Childish even tried to conspire. But it did not save-all members not implemented in practice, the Union of struggle for the revolution had to go through the GULAG. Slutsky, Gurevich and Fordman shot. Many have received a very long time. One of the characters in this story, Maya Ulanovskaya to live. She released memories, in particular, and about this period of life.

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