In some NATO countries the smallest army

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the Alliance is a large – scale Union 29 countries in North America and Europe. However, despite the impressive representation, only a few armies in the block can be called truly efficient.


After the cold war began a gradual reduction of forces of NATO in Europe. This process became especially noticeable with the collapse of the Soviet Union. The collapse of the Russian armed forces was not perceived NATO as a real threat. Therefore, the Alliance has reduced the number of not only personnel, but also military equipment.

in Europe Today, actually left the tanks “Abrams” and attack aircraft A-10, they all happily left for home in the United States. However, judging by recent trends, the United States, which account for over 30% of the total combat power of NATO can increase its military presence on the European continent.

first of all we are talking about Eastern Europe, which are constantly declaring “Russian military threat”. When purchasing weapons and equipment, conducting exercises, they make it clear that the joint efforts with the Alliance capable of repelling any aggression from the East.

the Major countries-members of NATO, such as Germany, France and Britain today are more preoccupied with internal problems and are not eager to increase its presence in the Alliance. This is evidenced by their role in the middle East, where they send a tiny contingent of the armed forces and it is not going there to fight.

Even the Americans, whose involvement in the Alliance is not comparable with other members, have recently shown greater stability in relation to the geopolitical challenges. Purely military tools to combat potential threats is increasingly replaced by administrative measures. About the transformation of traditional values, NATO’s testimonyet and offset of its interests in the fight against terrorism, cybercrime and piracy.

After the “Crimean spring” 2014 European NATO members began to increase their defense spending. Thus, the total NATO budget in 2017 reached a record 946 billion. Compared with the year 2016 it rose 4.3%.

How this affects the strength of the countries entering into the block? According to Global Firepower, only five members of the Alliance (USA, UK, Germany, Italy and Turkey) can boast that their armed forces are among the ten most efficient armies on the planet. There are NATO and frankly “weak links”.


Iceland is the only NATO member without an army. All paramilitary island States concluded in the coast guard: 130 personnel, three patrol boats, one patrol boat, one airplane and three helicopters. In spite of this 2015 Iceland is among the participants of the NATO “Resolute support”, implemented in Afghanistan. There Icelanders sent two police officers.

According to the agreement with the United States security of Iceland provide the armed forces of overseas powers, but without the permanent placement of its troops on the island. In fact, Iceland is the role of unsinkable aircraft carrier of NATO. Iceland’s contribution to the total budget of the Alliance is the smallest among all the countries participating in the agreement is less than 0.05%.

the Monaco

the Armed forces of Luxembourg, not counting Iceland, the weakest in the North Atlantic Alliance. This state is the smallest in the block and the second after Iceland in terms of population (just over 600 thousand people). Luxembourg has no air force, no Navy, and the total number of troops on the ground is 900 people. However, the military budget of the government of the Grand Duchy of annually allocate $370 million.

the Main role of land forces of Luxembourg headed by the Supreme commander, the Grand Duke is that together with the police and gendarmerie to maintain law and order. However, judging by the socio-economic situation in the country, work that has no.


the size of the armed forces of Latvia 5 700 people, in addition to land forces there air force and Navy, although their representation is more than modest. Navy Latvia has 750 people, the air force is only 250. Military spending in Latvia ($400 million) more than in Luxembourg, but with this figure it yields to its neighbors – Estonia ($497 million) and Lithuania ($630 million).

Latvia is forced to ask for military aid from the stronger members of the Alliance, both in manpower and equipment and money. At the last NATO summit it was announced that by 2024, investment in the defence sector of Latvia will amount to €71 million as the Alliance decided that the potential threat from Russia to Latvia will defend Canada.

However, the canadian military is composed of 445 employees of the Department “Tomahawk” should be only the core of the multinational battalion, which, along with foreign fighters will be the representatives of Italy, Albania, Poland and Slovenia.


the Last 30 years, Albania has been a consistent supporter of American military policy in Europe and the middle East. In 2009, she became a full member of NATO and today takes an active part in missions in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Military expenditures of Albania is quite modest, on average they do not exceed $200 million. Recently, the Albanian Parliament has announced its intention to increase defense budget up to 1.25% of GDP instead of the current of 1.17%. Note, however, that Albania started a 10-year military reform is largely funded by the Pentagon.

Today, the armed forces of Albania a little more than 14 thousand people. They include the Rapid Reaction Brigade, commando Regiment, Naval and Air Crews. As a result of reforms the Albanian authorities intend to bring military personnel up to 30 thousand, but, according to experts, it is unlikely this helps increase the combat capability of the country.

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