In the Altai, 23 children were hospitalized with suspected adenovirus

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Denis Grishkin

In the Altai Republic more than 20 pupils of school-boarding school of a name G. K. Zhukov was taken to the infectious Department of the hospital. The children were hospitalized with suspected adenovirus, reports RIA Novosti citing the head of the region Oleg Khorokhordina.

“Twenty-three pupils of school-boarding them. G. K. Zhukov are now in infectious branch of Republican hospital with suspected adenovirus”, – he said in his Instagram account.

it is Noted that the children felt ill after trips to the camp.

we Know that now in the educational institution has conducted disinfection. Created, the Commission must find out what caused the incident.

Previously, Chinese students hospitalized with temperature. Doctors had to conduct laboratory analysis of coronavirus. Of all previously admitted at the hospital patients a new form of pneumonia, none were found.

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