Photo: courtesy of the organizers.

February 12, DK imeni Zuyeva will be the first in 2024, the performance of Maxim Vitorgan “In Lzhedmitri” – the acclaimed premiere last year, a fairy tale for adults about love, lies, and the benefits of garbage.

“In the city of Lzhedmitri” is a phantasmagoric story of life in a closed city full of all sorts of anomalies and oddities. It was founded by order of the head of the Soviet nuclear program Beria over dug underneath the first nuclear Collider. Neither to drive nor to leave Liebetrau “is physically impossible and prohibited by law”. The only person in the history of the city, who managed to do it, is the main character in the past a famous musician and now a realtor Anton.

And now Anton returns at the invitation of the municipality for the homeland to act on the city Day which by tradition coincides with the election day of the old new mayor. Neither Anton nor anyone else know how Anton 25 years ago have managed to escape from Redmicroh. I must say that Anton somehow never remembers anything about life in his hometown. It is lots of discoveries and reminiscences: together with the air Liebetrau to him slowly returning memory. The people he meets, cause the delight, the horror: apparently, they all Muta… Shh! This word should not be spoken!

This story with a unpredictable ending full of irony and satire, drama and philosophy. Here everyone will have to make a very difficult choice and decide who he is. Hero? The victim? Party? Witness? Love is the enemy, and memory killer. Here under my feet the earth trembles and hums nuclear Collider, splitting elementary particles are alive.

Director Maxim Vitorgan. Cast: Alexey Kortnev, Sergey Belogolovtsev, Natalia Vdovina, Kristina Babushkina, Irina Kotelnikova. For the first time in dramatic roles, musicians of group “Accident”. The idea of the show belongs to Tony Kortneva.