In the UK, “One for the road says” if you are toasting in a pub or at a Party with his last (or penultimate) drink “one for the road”. In this Ritual a Kampagner the Greater based Manchester Police, which starts today and two weeks lasts: #nonefortheroad to stop the British from driving after the consumption of alcohol on no more the car. More raids and tougher action British to be deterred and in advance to organise how they get home again.

It’s not always the big celebrations, in which drinking alcohol. According to the experiences of the police, a balmy summer already seduced to put after the consumption of alcohol, behind the wheel. That’s why they also expanded the penalties with a “name and shame” in the social media public to Denounce as a further deterrent.

Today marks the start of a national campaign led by the NPCC to tackle drink and drug drivers. Over the next two weeks…

Posted by Greater Manchester Police on Monday, 24. June 2019

Tighter controls on the 24. June to 8. July

The last campaign, which is aimed at people that are driving after alcohol and Drug use, has started the Great Manchester Police only last Winter: just in time for Christmas. At the time, 228 people have been arrested after 1867, carried out breath and Drug tests.

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The police have no leads on what threatens the caught drivers: a criminal record, a minimum of one year loss of license, higher insurance costs, an endorsement in the driving licence for eleven years, and the possibility of Jobverlusts. The police chief vowed to make no exceptions whatsoever when under the influence of alcohol or drugs the driver is stopped. “Even the smallest amount of alcohol or drugs can affect the visibility and the Reaction velocity dramatically”, – quotes the “Manchester Evening News” the chief of police.

Also, people are invited to report people to the police, where there is a suspicion that they drink and drive. Finally, it is not only the safety of the driver, but also all the other people on the road.

sources: “Manchester Evening News”, Facebook



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