Would James Bond Italian, he would have driven an Alfa Romeo Montreal. The Montreal is one of the greatest car legends of Alfa. He enchants with its unique Look and incomparable tone. As the First one, the blinds on the front fall headlights in the eyes. Has been designed in the stunning coupe by the young Marcello Gandini, who had also drawn the Lamborghini Miura. At the world exhibition Expo 67 in Montreal, the vehicle was presented as a design study, for the first time.

By Gandini comes to the striking Look that makes a Montreal distinctive to this day. Technically, this icon of the 1970s, however, had its pitfalls: cable fires, strikes the end of cylinder and broken steering columns to put the drivers.

Motor racing

But this bitching at all are forgotten at the Start of the V8 engine. The engine actually comes from the Alfa Romeo Tipo 33, so the world of Motorsport. For the serial car the engine capacity of two liters was enlarged to 2.6 liters. For an eight cylinder to a low value. And at the same time, HP has been pressed strength power to about 200 horsepower, so the engine lasts longer than a season of racing by. Was installed the unit, however, as the Front – and not as a mid-engine as the Tipo 33. The drivetrain was for the Mechanics-fetishists four overhead camshafts, dry sump lubrication, a five bearing crankshaft, and the mechanical fuel injection system “Spica” (Società Pompe Iniezione Cassani & Affini) developed:.

An Italian sports car of the 70s, a sports car and no prosperity can be mobile still, like some sports cars today. The driver cowers in the typical “Frog” position behind the steering Wheel. For him, Italian dimensions are recommended, otherwise it will quickly close. The steering Wheel is, of course, made of wood, the firm grip you need style real leather gloves.

The engine heats up a

After 7.6 seconds to reach 100 km/h and it goes up beyond the 220 km/h. It is Inside cuddly warm, because the engine radiates its heat more or less dissolves into the cabin. The car impresses with elegance and gizmos of the 70s, such as the headlight fins, but comfort was written in lowercase. Who would like to circles, the 1.3-ton car with a sporty around the corners, also requires strength in the arms.

A rally vehicle, the Montreal is not anyway, but a Grand Tourismo, built for the long haul. The landing gear finally comes normally from the Alfa-Romeo-shelf and, with a few Details identical to the GTV 2000 (Bertone), the GTJ or the Giulia. Any success in racing, you could not retract it.

From 1970 to 1977 were only built 3925 copies. The prone technique prevented the success that had earned the Design actually. On the market the car came to a price of 35,000 Mark. Well-preserved Montreal’s are rare, the prices for a car in the best condition today, over 50,000 Euro.

source: The Alfa Romeo Montreal Website

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