In the historical drama

Photos: the scene from the movie “Little women” (2019), dir. Greta Gerwig

In the film, Greta Gerwig “Little women” found goof. The film is set in the XIX century, but in the frame there is a modern subject, according to

In one scene, viewers spotted a water bottle Hydro Flask and a plastic bottle under the brand Poland Spring.

it is Noted that this footage was drama disassembled for Vanity Fair, however, none of the actors and the journalists did not pay attention to the modern bottle of water.

Earlier viewers goof found in the new Quentin Tarantino film “Once upon a time in Hollywood”. The hand of the character, played by brad pitt, was 8118 watch Citizen Bullhead. It was explained that they appeared in 1972, while the action in the film takes place in 1969.

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