In the Moscow zoo will celebrate international polar bear day

Photos: Moscow 24/Michael Sipko

In the Moscow zoo will celebrate international polar bear day. Holiday guests will expect demonstration of feeding animals, interactive quest and a fascinating lecture about the life of animals in the far North, reports portal of the mayor and government capital.

it is Noted that the entrance to the zoo will be free on February 27. To avail of this benefit will those who come to the zoo dressed in white. To participate in the campaign “Want to be like white bear” you must put on at least three things this color.

throughout the day the guides will familiarize the visitors with the inhabitants of the far North. They also explain why the wool of the bears gets a greenish tint, will tell how to hunt the snowy owl and why Wolverine was given the nickname “the glutton”.

See also the main culprits of the holiday will be on new territory in the exhibition “Polar world”. Young visitors of the zoo will offer to capture them on paper using paint and pencils.

Earlier it was reported that Muscovites in Day guide will be able to visit 110 free tours. Exciting activities including prepared and in the capital’s zoo. In particular, it will tell about the habitat of animals in the institution.

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