In the Perm hospital denied the information about the killings of veterans

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Alexander Ivanko.

about disconnections of the ventilator during operation is not confirmed in the city clinical hospital named after S. N. Greenberg, reported on the website of the medical institution.

For testing, created a special Commission. It included as independent experts and representatives of the local Ministry of health clinic manual. During the inspection specialists conducted audit of various documents relating to the deaths.

members of the Commission did not find information about any intentional infliction of harm to the health of patients. The hospital staff for all the time never had any complaints from the management of the clinic.

Earlier in the Network appeared information that allegedly one of the doctors working at the hospital in Kirov, has confessed to the killing of patients by disconnecting them from the ventilator.

Employee of the clinic, whose badge was listed in the social network, recently checked on the lie detector. According to the readings and examination, the physician was not involved in anything like this.

the suspect recorded a video message in which he asked to punish those who slandered him.

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