In the state Duma have supported the initiative to give discounts on communication working in isolation people

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow Maxim Denisov

a Member of the Duma Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications Anton Gorelkin in conversation with the Moscow 24 supported the idea to provide discounts for mobile communications and Internet access for Russians working from home. During the isolation period, according to the Deputy, this measure is logical and justified.

Gorelkin said that now the authorities taking all possible measures to support both ordinary citizens and business. And discounts on bond is extremely important.

That’s good. Measure associated with the connection, she suggests, and I think it should be done. Company, operators of the big four need to think in this difficult time is not so much about profit, but about social support of people.
Anton Hotelkandava of the state Duma, member of Committee on information policy, information technologies and communication

the Deputy said that the Ministry will take deliberate, systemic decision on the matter. He did not rule out that the operators in connection with the discussion of this question may have their own arguments. “Here they must find a middle ground, reach consensus and to provide these discounts,” said Gorelkin.

In turn, Deputy Minister of Telecom and mass communications of the Russian Federation Alexei Volin said that the Ministry has not yet studied the proposal.

Previously a member of the Public chamber of Russia Ilya Semin proposed to reduce the cost of services for mobile communications and the Internet for citizens working in the mode of self-isolation. In this regard, he suggested that for such workers to enter a discount of 50% on fares by the hour. For limited rates and corporate member of the chamber proposed to increase the volume of available traffic 1.5 without extra charges.

According to him, this measure will allow to increase the productivity and motivation of employees. A letter was sent to the Ministry of communications.

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