In the state Duma proposed to call the police about domestic violence by using code words

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Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on family, women and children Oksana Pushkina believes that in the conditions of self-isolation it is necessary to use foreign experience. She told me that to inform police about domestic violence, you can apply the code word, reports the Agency “Moscow”.

“Obviously, long holidays or weekends, and especially self-isolation in any country usually show that the number of victims of domestic violence increases in times”, – drew attention the MP.

According to Pushkina, the situation in Russia deteriorated in connection with the closure of crisis centers.

Frequent calls from victims of domestic violence transition to a mode of isolation, said in the state Duma. Complaints come not only from women but also elderly people.

Special measures have been taken in the country towards non-proliferation of coronavirus.

So, a day in Russia 601 confirmed a new case coronavirus infection. COVID-19 registered in 32 regions. All in all, 78 regions of the country today revealed 4149 infections. During the day, recovered 46 people, 28 of them in Moscow. Total hospital discharged 281 people.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin extended holidays until the end of April.

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