In the state Duma proposed to create in Russia the Ministry of loneliness

Photos: Moscow 24/Igor Ivanko

In Russia it is necessary to create a Ministry that will deal with issues of loneliness, declared Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the state Duma meeting.

“In Britain created a Ministry of loneliness, we have not created. We all are lonely. Most of all in Moscow, young – 25 years and older. In high school, not married, work – not with anyone, and they are alone. Living with elderly parents. We have to create”, – quotes the words of Zhirinovsky, the Agency “Moscow”.

According to him, the Ministry will certainly create in Russia, but, “as usual, with a delay of 30-40 years.”

Earlier, Zhirinovsky said that he will give a lecture for young people on Valentine’s Day. According to him, to talk about love he will be in his office. The politician is sure that there are different types of love, which he tells the young Russians. Also Zhirinovsky said that such an event no one will hold throughout Russia.

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