Kozlowski asked not to compare his film about Chernobyl with the HBO series

Photo credit: TASS/Alexander Shcherbak

Actor and Director Danila Kozlovsky asked not to compare his film “Chernobyl. The abyss” from the American series, according to “Gazeta.ru”.

Kozlowski said, I wasn’t trying to make a film similar to the American. According to him, the series started may 5, 2019, and shooting his pictures began on 18 may of the same year.

“it Just so happens that comes from two large projects in different countries on a similar topic. One came out last year, the second comes a year later. That’s all,” said Kozlowski, noting that the Chernobyl accident can and should take different pictures.

the Premiere of the film “Chernobyl. The abyss” is scheduled for October 8, 2023. In the plot of the Russian film are the events that occurred at Chernobyl in 1986, and stories about people who gave their lives to prevent a global catastrophe.

Kozlowski Film compared to the American TV series “Chernobyl”, which was released last year. The main roles were played by Emily Watson, Stellan Skarsgard and Jared Harris. The series consists of five episodes.

the accident at the Chernobyl NPP on 26 April 1986 was the largest technogenic accident in the history of mankind. The explosion completely destroyed fourth power unit. Gorodische object “Shelter” was built from July to November 1986. Inside the Shelter is not less than 95 percent of spent nuclear fuel from the destroyed reactor.

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