In the state Duma proposed to introduce responsibility for a prank on coronavirus

Photo: video screenshot telegram-channel Hue

Deputy of the state Duma Boris Mendelevich proposed to introduce the liability of bloggers for the prank about the coronavirus. According to him, it is necessary to establish the responsibility, similar to the law on mass media, when the media published false information, should give a refutation.

“But the solution must be comprehensive in nature, and the punishment for such “pranks” should not exceed the penalties for crimes that harm life, if the consequences were not for people,” said Mendelevich, the Agency “Moscow”.

He noted that in today’s world attention is the major component, which may follow the popularity.

“want to make money on the popular theme pushes people to outright sabotage when they start to beat this problem, including the theme of the novel coronavirus,” said he.

Mendelevich reminded that some bloggers have already staged the prank, and some people posing as doctors to sell non-existent cure.

on 10 February, the court sent to jail for two months (until 8 March), Karomatullo of Gaborova. On the same day, the Metropolitan police detained two accomplices of Prancer. In respect of the participants was a criminal case under article “Hooliganism”.

February 2 in the train, EN route from the metro station “Polezhaevskaya” to “Street of 1905”, the young man fell, mimicking the symptoms of infection with coronavirus. His associates at this time shouting the phrase about the presence of his threat of viral infection.

In the subway drew the attention of the police to cope with the increased number of rollers on the theme of coronavirus, which are taken in the subway. Besides those already mentioned, widespread video, which shows two men in protective suits. Their appearance did not cause panic since they were the operator.

the First reports of an outbreak of a new type of pneumonia began to come from the Chinese Wuhan at the end of last year. The who declared the outbreak of the novel coronavirus is extremelyth situation of international importance. The government has included a new virus in the list of dangerous diseases.

outside China, cases of infection recorded in 25 countries, including Russia. In Russia COVID-19 were two citizens of China, their sickness proceeded in the form of light. At the moment patients are discharged.

According to the latest data, the number of victims of the virus in China reached nearly 1.9 thousand people, infected more 72,4 thousand citizens. To fight managed 12.5 thousand inhabitants.

Partners prankster, arrested for drawing on the theme of the coronavirus in the subway

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