In the suburbs due to a failure stopped Sapsan

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

high-Speed train “Sapsan”, bound from St. Petersburg to Moscow, stopped in Moscow due to a technical failure.

the Incident occurred at the station Reshetnikovo, reported the press service of the October railway (OZHD).

it is Noted that stopped the train №773. To the place of stay arrived the train “Swallow”, which brought the passengers at the Leningrad station.

the press service added that the experts of OZHD has taken the necessary steps to minimize the time delay of arrival of passengers.

Earlier it was reported that tickets for the Sapsan trains departing February 23 and March 8, 2023 began selling at a fixed price.

the cost of the cheapest ticket will amount to 2.3 thousand rubles. The most expensive tickets available in first class (10 of 538 thousand rubles) and classroom Suite (12 thousand 690 rubles).

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