In the Tretyakov gallery called the fake information on the disinfection of the gallery due to coronavirus

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Arina Kutusheva

Representatives of the State Tretyakov gallery said that not fumigating the building of coronavirus, reports TASS.

At the moment, the establishment of the planned standard of work. They include processing facilities from rodents and insects.

“It’s a fake news. Those who published it, just saw the data on the procurement website, which features information about purchase of works for disinfection of mice, rats, insects,” – commented the press service of the Tretyakov gallery.

Earlier in the telegram channels appeared information that in the Tretyakov gallery fumigating in connection with the coronavirus.

For 2019 cultural institution was visited by almost 3 million people, which is 30% more compared to last year.

In December, 2019 in the Chinese city of Wuhan, an outbreak due to infection with coronavirus. In the moment, aware of 63.8 thousand people who became ill with pneumonia new type. 6.7 thousand people were discharged from hospitals, while the 1,380 people were victims COVID-19.

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