In the U.S. Congress have declared the discontent with the policies of Belgrade

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Serbia in relations with Russia ignores common to the EU and US priorities. This opinion was expressed by Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee of the lower house of Congress Eliot Engel, reports RT.

Engel wrote a letter to the commander of the U.S. Navy in Europe and Africa Admiral James Foggo, in which he expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that high-ranking military in one of the interviews did not indicate the position of the United States in connection with the course taken by Serbia, and its “disturbing relations with Russia”.

As explained by experts, the US is trying to impose on Serbia’s foreign policy priorities, despite the desire of Belgrade to build an independent policy.

the democratic Congressman expressed his concern about the statements Foggo, in which he speaks positively about the cooperation between Serbia and NATO, but according to Engel, is not quite consistent with the position of Washington.

Earlier, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Serbia spoke about the pressure from the West for refusing to impose sanctions against Russia. Foreign Minister of Serbia Ivica Dacic said that Russia and Serbia remain strategic partners, despite the desire of Belgrade to the EU. He also recalled the year 1999 and stressed that if then in power in Russia would be Vladimir Putin, no one would have dared to bomb Yugoslavia.

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