In what cities of Russia with the wind can blow away man

Nature 15/03/20 In any cities of Russia with the wind can blow away no more

the Wind can knock a person off their feet and carry away at a rate of 30 to 40 meters per second and more, depending on the age, physical condition and physique. A twelve-ball on the Beaufort scale a wind will carry the name of “fierce storm” (up to 33 meters per second) and hurricane (33 m / sec), and correspond to 11 and 12 points.

many Years of weather observation suggests that for Russia as a whole is so strong winds to carry the person, not typical. However, we have in the country town in which residents can befall such a disaster.


In this city, located in the North of the Krasnoyarsk territory in the subarctic climate, winter lasts 9 months and often raging Blizzard. Very characteristic for this region severe snowstorms that Norilsk called a “black Blizzard.” This wind rises sometimes several times over the winter. Very cold and strong, it literally knocks people off their feet and two to three days, and even more, paralyzing normal life in the city.

currently, it is possible to find many videos taken by Norilsk illustrating the destructive power of “black blizzards”. In March 2024 speed “black Blizzard”, according to local media reports, reached 30 meters per second and the wind literally blew people, not allowing them to rise to his feet.


Another Northern city with a very harsh climate. Strong winds during the winter, which here lasts nearly 8 months, in Vorkuta are not uncommon. All residents of the city a memorial of the famous “ryzhkovskaya Blizzard” that took place in February 1990. The wind speed then approached the mark of 50 meters per second. At a temperature of -30 degrees that wind is really disastrous.

On the road connecting the town with the mines and towns, miners were trapped in the snow dozens of buses with Liudime, in apartments for almost a day was not light and heat. The Blizzard was called “ryzhkovskaya,” because coincided with the arrival in town of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR N. Ryzhkov, who had personally monitor the rescue operations. The element claimed the day a lot of lives. Since such disasters in Vorkuta, fortunately, was not observed, however, strong winds, knocking the man down, it happens almost every winter.


This settlement in Chukotka is the most Northern city in Russia. This region is characterised by harsh climate and a formidable natural phenomenon that locals call “Uzak” — a strong wind blowing from the South. However, it brings in plentywood no heat and a serious test for the residents. The speed of wgaca is from 40 to 80 meters per second.

With the wind a man knocks and pulls on the road, giving the opportunity to rise to his feet. The only salvation is to grasp something, for example, a pole or railing. It happens that a person is flapping in the wind like a rag, not having the support feet. The Internet is full of videos of wgaca and descriptions of people who have experienced such strong gusts.


Disasters with high winds occur not only in the North. In the South of Novorossiysk in winter from the mountains blows the strongest cold wind called “Bora”. It reaches a speed of 70 meters per second. The most powerful blows of Bora took place in October 1847 and January 1848, when the strongest losses were incurred by the Russian squadron of Admiral St. George.

In the twentieth century in 1963, Bor broke the Greek steamer “Bendita”, and in 1993 the wind from the mountains struck the Novorossiysk and the surrounding cities with a force of up to 50 metres per second, breaking several ships, including the ship “Professor Shchegolev”, destroying power lines, tore roofs off houses. In that time 5 people were killed.

According to the observations of the Ukrainian meteorologist Prokh, L. Z. for the first half of the twentieth century, boron was raging not less than 630 times, while once a year the cold wetp peaks is the cause of these catastrophes. Not surprisingly, residents of Novorossiysk to ride a gust of wind on his belly several meters is not considered a big misfortune. Now, if the city is without light and without heat remains – it is really a misfortune.


the city and the whole region (far East, Sakhalin, Kuril Islands) exposed to the impacts of typhoons. The so-called tropical cyclone, which is characteristic for the northwestern part of the Pacific ocean. In September 2017 at Severo-Kurilsk the Typhoon hit the “Sanwa”. The wind speed according to the Sakhalin hydrometeorological reached 33 meters per second. Were flooded basements, washed out bridges, the water carried away cars. There were no casualties, however, people emerged from the house, dragged, according to witnesses like rag dolls.

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