Biography 15/03/20 “a Spy who has mastered Hitler”: the main secret of the Russian actress Olga Chekhova

Olga Konstantinovna Chekhova (nee Knipper background) is one of the most outstanding women of her era. It was called a favorite of the Fuhrer and agent of Soviet intelligence, was awarded the title of state actress, Germany, and made a knight of the order of Lenin. Thanks to a dazzling career in German cinema (more than 140 roles) Chekhov knew in the face of every fascist.

the Life of a talented actress was not easy. She was born 26 APR 1897 in the family of Russified Germans and my childhood dream was to play on the big stage. At the age of 17 Olga went to Moscow to his aunt Leonardovna Olga Knipper-Chekhova, so she put her in the Studio at the Art theatre. However, to make a career failed she fell in love with the rising star of Moscow art theatre of Michael Chekhov, secretly got married with him and soon gave birth to a daughter Olga (who became famous later under the pseudonym Ada Chekhova).

the Marriage lasted just two years later, the actress called him the most extravagant in its decision, the only joy which remains loud and surname and dual relationship with Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. That is, after she has been married twice, but none of the unions would not be truly happy, and the old woman met alone.

“Frau Olga Chekhova — frankly delighted and surprised”

Olga Chekhova was married to Frederick Yaroshi, the former Austro-Hungarian military. He was handsome and charismatic adventurer and posed as a writer. With him. in 1921 he went to Germany.

From the first days of war at the personal disposal of Olga Chekhova provided a room in the main rate of the Fuhrer. Hitler did not hesitate to show elegant and vibrant woman special location in the community. This is evidenced by one of his antics: once in front of hundreds of attendees, he gallantly kissed her hand and was taken to another room. The unusual behavior of the dictator caused shock among officials and supporters, who witnessed what he saw.

the Impact of women on the brutal dictator was amazing: a number of evidence because of it the Germans in the years of the Nazi occupation of the Crimea is not touched “White dacha” — the Yalta house of Anton Chekhov. For the sake of her arranged magnificent receptions and balls, which were gathered all know. In the immediate environment in Germany was not only Hitler, but also Mussolini, Goebbels, Goering and his wife, with which she tightly spoke. Best friends actress named Leni Riefenstahl, Eva Braun, and Emmy Sonnemann.

Fiercely hating all Slavs, Hitler managed to deeply fascinated Olga. He was impressed by her intelligence and bright appearance, often talked with her and spent time. Once the Fuhrer personally presented the woman your photo with the inscription: “Mrs. Olga Chekhova — frankly delighted and surprised”.

Arriving in Germany to get proper acting training, Chekhov already in the early 30-ies began to Shine on German screens. In 1936 Chekhova was awarded the title of state actress, Germany. She strongly supported the spirit of the German army, went to the front with concerts, and in between never stopped acting. Loved her Nazi officers Luftwaffe pilots and ordinary soldiers. They took photographs of graceful and elegant but firm spirit of film even in the trenches.

“a Spy who has mastered Hitler”

in the Fall of 1945, London, People magazine and the German newspaper Vohen Beitrag almost simultaneously published articles exposing the actions of Olga Chekhova. It was called “the spy, captured by Hitler” and “hiding under the coat of the order of Lenin”. The award and the castle she allegedly received in gratitude for his years of espionage, which led the führer and his army.

Rumors emerged after Chekhov was arrested by Soviet occupation troops and flown from Berlin to Moscow. Despite numerous interrogations of Victor AbacaMOV and Lavrenti Beria, as well as visits of Stalin and Olga was not sent to the camps. Soon she was released back to Germany, providing an impressive amount of money and food reserves.

the Event has gained considerable attention: the actress was no longer invited to the shooting of a movie, were given virtually no roles in the theatre. Estrangement has become so wide that one day on the street Chekhova right in the face, spat a young girl, calling her a traitor of the Motherland. Approximately eight years later, the movie star of the Third Reich officially announced the end of a career on the big stage, deciding to open her own cosmetic firm. Its development Olga was engaged until his death from cancer in 1980.

“My clock is otherwise”

In the USSR and Germany, Chekhov published numerous denials of cooperation with the Soviet authorities, not by agreeing to press charges. To clear his name of slander, she even got permission to broadcast on the radio. During the program on Soviet information Olga said that never met with Stalin personally, and the honorary order of Lenin was issued to her aunt, almost full namesake of Olga Chekhova Leonardovna.

Later in his memoirs, “My watch go otherwise,” she repeatedly returned to the painful subject, but a definite answer to the key question remained elusive in the confusion of truth and fiction. Who really was this woman remains a mystery. For a long time the name of Olga Chekhova remains under an unofficial ban in the USSR, and even immediate family and a few friends tried to mention it in your conversations.

the Situation changed dramatically in the ‘ 90s after the publication of the autobiographical book of the former head of Soviet intelligence of Pavel Sudoplatov. During the war he coordinated the work of the special reconnaissance and sabotage groups. Sudoplatov told about the true role of a movie star of the Third Reich. According to him, a close friend of Hitler were deep undercover agent of Moscow. Put forward the version that it was prepared to the program pon the elimination of the Fuhrer. This evidence was confirmed in the printed memoirs of the son of Lavrenty Beria about the father.

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